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  1. This is not a shock. If the announced number was correct then it would only have been a bit more than the home opener against Swinton. However, the facility was far more crowded than that day in April. A good estimate would be somewhere between 11,000 and 12,000.
  2. Because he wasn't the topic of the post to which I replied. Your tunnel vision is boring; off to the ignore list for you with the other trolls like parky and kent.
  3. You must have been watching a different game. The ref was very patient with him. He was bitching at the ref almost every tackle and could easily have been penalised another half dozen times for his antics while both tackling and being tackled. His antics were so predictable and often so pathetic that the crowd was frequently laughing at him. That's saying a lot, considering how well crowds at Lamport treat other returning former players...
  4. Not sure if it was obvious on the broadcast but he was whinging to the ref on literally every tackle.
  5. Fairer compromise = location convenient for 5th place Fev's much smaller fanbase rather than 1st place Toronto's much larger fan base. Gotcha. Fortunately the RFL thought better and we were treated to a packed stadium.
  6. Not much whinging from Wolfpack fans last year; mostly just disappointment over how poorly they played in the MPG. After a couple of days thoughts turned to the following year.
  7. Lots of ways to rationalize ways in which Fev might pull off the upset. It won't happen. Toronto is more talented and has more depth. Toronto is fully healthy. Toronto is much better rested and has not had to travel. Toronto has a winning record against every team in the league. Toronto has the league's best attack and best defence. Toronto has last year's MPG from which to draw lessons and motivation. Toronto has a more successful big game coach and more well rounded attack than last year. Toronto will have a packed home stadium behind them. Toronto will win and it won't be terribly close, either. This is not over confidence; it's simply based on a set of overwhelming facts in their favour.
  8. Based on their marketing and season ticket base, the Wolfpack are drawing from a population of 6-8 million, not 2.7 million. 2.7 million is just the municipality itself, not its massive metropolitan area and surrounding satellite cities.
  9. In what reality are the Wolfpack not the favourites? You need to find some perspective if you think this qualified as over confidence.
  10. It's misleading. On the desktop site you can see that it's "Toulouse Olympique/Featherstone Rovers". That's why it reads "..." after Toulouse.
  11. I don't think Toronto cares one way or the other. They have an extra week's rest; they will play in front of a packed home stadium; and they are 27-1 this season. While anything is possible, the reality is that the Wolfpack are clear favourites regardless of which team they play.
  12. Thursday night games are not going to happen. 7 pm in Toronto is midnight in the UK and Sky is not going to be willing to broadcast games at that time. Thursday and Friday afternoons in Toronto won't happen either.
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