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  1. I assume this is not the norm. I know most of the ball runners in Toronto and the worst they've ever faced is the occasional fan thinking they can keep the balls kicked into the stands. I would be horrified if they started receiving verbal abuse.
  2. Except that, according to this excerpt from the April 15th League Express, it wasn't.
  3. Posted on the Wolfpack's Facebook page. They claim that, if they advance to the 4th round, they will host the final whether or not they win their 2nd round game. Are they correct or is this just another result of the RFL being opaque about the whole thing?
  4. No, they are not. See my previous comments on the thread regarding flights.
  5. Later starts also makes it easier for the significant number of families with children playing rugby since many age groups (U7, U9, U11, [some]U13, and U15) play Saturday morning and early afternoon.
  6. I think that would depend on whether or not Air Transat remains a sponsor after the buyout and if the SL will insist that Toronto continue to provide flights. I think weekend home games are a given since weekday slots would not allow for broadcast in the UK at a reasonable time.
  7. You can blame the rest of the league for that since the opposing teams wanted to be able to fly back directly to Manchester after the game. This meant moving up kickoffs to 1:00 in order to make the flight at 7:40. A later kickoff would mean flying to Glasgow the next day, plus a long bus ride. The teams didn't want to do that.
  8. It's been pretty apparent for a while that the Wolfpack play up or down to the level of competition from week to week.
  9. Does this what if scenario include a Wolfpack team with Matty Russell and Blake Wallace?
  10. Yesterday's game was only 31 degrees but, with the 77% humidity at one point, the humidex was 44.
  11. The 1pm kickoffs are at the insistence of the RFL since it allows clubs to fly directly to Manchester in the evening after the game, instead of flying to Glasgow the next day, followed by a 4-hour bus ride. If the Wolfpack had control of kickoff times, they would still be at 4pm local time like previous years.
  12. This is a tweet from a podcast looking for attention. It deserves as much attention as some random nutter tweeting that the Super League is going to be sold to the RFU.
  13. Yet the million pound game, the more recent route to promotion, was not played on neutral ground so the history argument doesn't prove anything.
  14. They have most definitely considered this scenario but have decided that finishing first and then winning the second week playoff is deserving of two straight home games. Why should Toronto potentially face a defacto away match in order to qualify for the Super League instead under a 1st place + second week victory scenario?
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