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  1. My gosh you're bitter. Toronto can afford to pay the biggest wage ever to a player in SL and yet you still try to make out they're going to struggle LOL. But of course, they WILL suffer injuries, just like every other flipping team in the league.
  2. Congratulations Toronto! Hats off to Featherstone for a manful effort throughout the playoffs, but I'm well happy that Toronto made it! Watching the enthusiasm and excitement in that sizeable crowd made me feel more optimism for the future of the game, and they're already giving SL increased media focus within hours of promotion.
  3. Fair play, you support your team, congratulations! Actually, I checked the figures out after reading your post and was very surprised to see that the population figure on google comes up higher for Wakefield than Hull, with Wakefield over 300000. That seems odd to me, other than League it's pretty much totally unknown as a place. Are the figures skewed in some way by including suburbs etc or is it just some other bias?
  4. I was talking about London Broncos and the decline in their support, though you don't seem to have the brains to have perceived that. You're bringin brexit into this why exactly? Lol, I'm guessing from what you've posted that you're a "Brexiteer!"
  5. They've been "less rubbish" to the point that there was the toss of a coin between them and 3 other of the 12 teams in the league.
  6. Unfortunately that won't happen, and you surely know it. Their crowds are far lower these days than they were even just a few years ago, to say that they are growing is hoping against hope, they are shrinking. "Super" League gets to keep the internationally famous big village that is Wakefield, but loses the tiny dot on the map that noone has heard of called "London".
  7. Searching Google I found an article in 2015 saying that at that time three new teams in the Valencia region were being formed to boost the total number of teams there to ten
  8. Oh my god, I must rush to specsavers straight away! I must be turning blind! I thought that I saw around 200 fans wearing wolfpack gear and cheering them on in the crowd at Bradford, only to now discover that apparently there was no away support! Or have i perhaps taken something to make me hallucinate??!!!
  9. Ah well, good luck to you. You've got a hell of a fight on your hands there to spread the word.
  10. At this rate they'll be hitting 3 figures (100 to the layman) for attendance and getting a tiny mention in the Llanelli local rag!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Out of interest, how many people were in attendance at the match?
  12. Well, there's been a lot of debate on here as to whether "The American dream" is dead or not, with some even going as ridiculously and laughably far as to suggest that TWP might have deliberately lost against the Broncos to avoid being rejected by SL! TWP are the strong favourites for the promotion spot, they're miles ahead, and so later this year we will get to see whether they are admitted to SL or not. If they are not, that will seem a major block to RL in North America and it may signal the end of any potential development there and "The American dream", if you like. If they are admitted, I don't see how anyone can claim that "The American dream" is dead. So why don't we all chill and wait and see what happens later this year if they earn the promotion spot?
  13. OK, but the point that you choose to ignore to suit your argument is that the beer isn't free, so therefore folks are paying into the coffers, and also they are actually getting off their asses to go and see the TWP games to a damn sight greater extent than any of the other Championship teams can manage whatever tactics/promotion/whatever they attempt, or more likely, don't. Go on, make the argument that it's better to have a crowd of around 400 with no 'freebies' than a crowd of 5,6,7,8 thousand with 'freebies', I dare you
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