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  1. Man of Ken obviously has some weird thing in which Toronto Wolfpack's stadium is not allowed to be full or nearly full, or he goes into some kind of breakdown!!!!!!!!
  2. I guess that the apparent humans who were captured by cameras filling the stadium at Toronto's home games were just some sort of "Stepford wives" futuristic androids. Give it up for God's sake.
  3. Lol you're even more of a plum than I realised. Like many others I can clearly remember you scanning the crowd and giving your "non-scientific" OPINION on how many people were in the crowd. You normally came out with a figure that was WAY below what everyone else could CLEARLY see was there, so don't talk to me about lies.
  4. For the record, I did say that I tried watching league. I've got p****d off with it not because I didn't enjoy it, but because of the whole attitude to expansion. Believe me, there are many like me who think that the attitude towards expansion has rendered the sport an unsupportable joke, and this is a tragic state of affairs
  5. Ok thanks "mite". Will do. I'd love to know what my "abnormal" world of luxury is!
  6. Sorry mate, you might be right. It's escaped my attention if they've got a massive away support that rocks venues.
  7. I refuse to be called a loser by someone who actually sits at home on his own and literally watches television and attempts to bitterly count the number of people who are sitting in a stadium
  8. Man of Kent laugh ahead. You always hated TWP from the start and bull****ed about the crowd figures even though they were getting more when in League 1 than some super league teams. Well, it seems you have your wish now - Super league increasingly irrelevant, union even more dominant. Which union team do you support I wonder? Bath I bet.
  9. A few months ago I posted for the last time on this forum. Except I didn't because I feel the need to return after reading the so predictable laughable stuff here, I just can't help getting involved when I see people acting like fools. I'm a football fan who, like many millions have watched rugby union more than Rugby League, though I gave league a shot for a couple of years. Page after page of "I told you so" about Toronto, claims that you could all see this coming when it's clear to everyone outside of your tinpot sport that Covid utterly changed the plan. Page after page of sticking the boot into David Argyle who invested millions - what a joke you are, what do you want, slow death by non-investment? And that Hela Wigman suggesting that the fact that Covid affecting Argyle's businesses and therefore his ability to support TWP proves that he's a fraud? Lol, the opposite is true - it proves that a pandemic wrecked his plans in which he's already personally lost millions to try and support the sport. And the apparent conclusion from page after page on this forum - that you will be better off with Fev in "Super" league struggling to get a four figure crowd in a town that no one has ever heard of as opposed to having a team that was selling out 10,000 in a large and well known city which surely had the potential for crowds to go significantly higher in future in a bigger capacity stadium if the so called "fans" of your sport didn't continually shoot your sport in the foot. Oh, I know that people will blah blah blah on in reply about late payments etc but we all know that Argyle shelled out way more bucks to try and give your sport a bit of a foothold outside of your little-known backyard, and he succeeded in doing so until this unforeseeable pandemic. Good night, and good luck with the rest of your lives. Enjoy the dwindling popularity of your increasingly irrelevant sport - it's what you've wished upon yourselves x
  10. My gosh you're bitter. Toronto can afford to pay the biggest wage ever to a player in SL and yet you still try to make out they're going to struggle LOL. But of course, they WILL suffer injuries, just like every other flipping team in the league.
  11. Congratulations Toronto! Hats off to Featherstone for a manful effort throughout the playoffs, but I'm well happy that Toronto made it! Watching the enthusiasm and excitement in that sizeable crowd made me feel more optimism for the future of the game, and they're already giving SL increased media focus within hours of promotion.
  12. Fair play, you support your team, congratulations! Actually, I checked the figures out after reading your post and was very surprised to see that the population figure on google comes up higher for Wakefield than Hull, with Wakefield over 300000. That seems odd to me, other than League it's pretty much totally unknown as a place. Are the figures skewed in some way by including suburbs etc or is it just some other bias?
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