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  1. The beauty of rugby league is that the connection with politics is very low, Serbs and Albanians relationship in RL might be more stronger than you might think . At least from the Albanian side ,but i am pretty shure is the same for the Serbs as well . Cheers mate
  2. Kosovo is an independent country from 2008 , and they have their own pasport, before that Yugoslavia passport (a country tha doesn't exist any more) Kosovo Albanians are alwready representing Albania in sport in all the majority disciplines, we are working to give them the opportunity to be part of the national team , wich is in process giving them an Albanian passport wich we have an agreement with the Presidential office for athletes to rapresent the country, but also other ways wich are followed before by other sports and different federation in the Balkan reguon with countries that o
  3. From yesterday we have a great Jersey design , a little bit different let say from the typical Albanian sport jerseys. Sooner we will make public the desing of our new Jersey and kits and the name of the Brand. Thank you mate again for let me know about the comment i did , thanks for this words mate ,respect
  4. I am from Albania. I understood it.now reading it slowly
  5. Lol thanks mate my English and understanding is what it is . Cheers mate
  6. Basically the intention is to help Tirana as a team gaining some experience from a well established team . The project is simple but specific, opportunity for the young talented Albanian player to experience a real rugby league ambient, players from Hull Dockers (the players that have the most experience) playing 1-2 matches for tirana olso the training staf of Hull Dockers traveling to Tirana to have training camps. Olso the opportunity to have some "older" tirana players there to assist and train their for the benefit to accumulate experience and share it with the younger players in Tirana
  7. Albania Rugby League Newsletter Second Edition January 2021 ARL is ready to announce an exciting calendar for 2021. This newsletter is to update the ARL players, community, and fans of what will be happening. English: https://t.co/dyqQxcdr1I
  8. Everything you said is true, those words are my personal opinion (I am the guy you referred) I believe that if you have the right mind set and give everything "physically" you might have a good chance to do well, I also said before that this was the least important factor in a RL match Those are a prop words mate ,lol cheers
  9. Yea , this is very interesting to know mor about
  10. Thank you for giving us some information mate first of all. It is obvious that your club have sign the contact with EURO , I understand that the details of contract are confidential ,but I would like to ask about the agreement of the kit supplier if you can answer my question? Do the clubs need to have a full kit package? The desing of the Jersey will be chosen by the clubs ? The arrangement it was done through Euro XIII or directly with the retailer? And the cost range of the kits if you have to buy it or it will be covered by EURO XIII and it will have them the right to commerci
  11. Lol , this looks a little bit offensive mate ?.
  12. Mate , some of the people that write here are not just rugby legue fans actually some of them are involved in a way or another in developing the sport in some countries. I think here are 3 types of people , those who are fans and think that everything must be like NRL and Super league, pro teams appearing from now were, and sceptical of the rest of the teams and countries that are trying and struggling to build RL. And the genuine fans of the game that support everything relate to the game and every iniciative to build and develop the sport around the world. But also are people that are in a
  13. I am enjoying this to much , so much speculation that make it very interesting to see the big finale
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