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  1. No, KUBA is a nickname we give our son Jacob..We are putting all the kids nicknames on the back of the shirts
  2. This is my U10s Alternate kit for 2020 and 2021
  3. Hull KR have announced they are using OXEN basically XBlades just a new logo, the sizing has been terrible in HKR shop for a few years so hopefully this has been rectified
  4. I would like to see the stats for ticket sales for adult and Kids over the years for magic as I think Newcastle is used as a ###### up, hence why everyone is booking hotels. I personally liked manchester due to all the events that went on around the ground for the kids to play on aswell as big screen and festival atmosphere. I felt newcastle lost that and the activities started to be confined to small car parks. To sell the tickets you need to open it out the Grassroots team to play games and have activities to play.
  5. Living in Hull and Rugby League go hand in hand, from the grassroots to the top level. Yes football has a great set up for grassroots and kids generally play both. But the feel of the city is Rugby League, every high school has a team, we have 9-10 grassroots teams at every age group from 6s to 18s on top of that we have 5 teams in the NCL divisions and 2 super league clubs. Like has been said above the first contact generally is who do you support?
  6. This is one I always bring up, I myself am Left footed and was a kicker playing rugby. The ratio of left to right footers in a team must be 2 or 3 to 20. It has been said left footed kickers have better accuracy, hence why there are allot of left footed kickers out of the proportion of players in a squad.
  7. I run the facebook and twitter grassroot pages, i earn nothing and do it to raise awareness of grass roots, https://twitter.com/GrassRootsRL Last year I was able to talk stag sports into giving me a free kit to give away to a grassroot team which was won by East Hull u15s I have had these thoughts myself and can set a gofundme page up on the pinned twitter feeds for anyone willing to donate. this will allow the funds to be passed onto grassroots teams
  8. Its all money, look at how Tennis use the hawke eye camera, that would be brilliant for rugby league as some of our frames are to far apart when a try is scored
  9. Why have toronto wolfpack got 2 companies ? the one in the uk was set up by perez before giving it over to argyle... seen some dodgy business going on also brian noble is a director of both Toronto UK businesses, maybe this is how they are attracting players and maybe buying them stuff from different accounts
  10. Yea i can understand that, and possibly will be used more to get the defenders to think. A trial of it would be good to see.
  11. I just feel it is turning the game into a kicking game and the driving out will be less necessary
  12. For me the 40/20 is a good reward for working out of your red zone area and then having a great kick into touch on the 20 yard line you deserve to be rewarded... The proposed 20/40 kick will make a sham of rugby league, we base our players on being tough and defending hard, the reward for keeping a team in the 20m zone is lost if you can kick it out of play into the opponents 40m area and get the ball back. Teams will opt for a kick to save effort rather than driving the ball out. I personally think this rule is very close to the Rugby Union one of kicking it out of the 25m zone. we want the ball to be in the hand more not booted up field to get out of the hard areas.
  13. This is our charity shirt raising money for mental health..
  14. like the wigan home , looks like allot of teams are going down the retro simple style this season
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