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  1. 2 hours ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    Looking at the England squad, the make up of the six player availability rule they’ve brought in, the Combined Nations team can pick from the following clubs. 

    Wigan - 4 players. 
    Warrington - 0. 
    Catalans - 4. 
    Leeds - 3. 
    Saints - 2. 
    Wakefield - 4. 
    Catalans - 5
    Salford - 5. 
    Huddersfield - 4. 
    Hull FC - 6. 
    Hull KR - 6. 
    Cas - 6. 

    I’m expecting a heavy Hull FC influence on the CN team. 

    Catalans doing a lot of the heavy lifting then

    I haven't studied the England squad in detail, but I am guessing that the Catalans 5 should be Cas, and the Cas 6 should be Leigh.

  2. 13 minutes ago, northamptoncougar said:

    If the green light is given for 45k I’m going, I’m taking the little one and I’m having a knees up.

    Half the reason for wanting to go is to see the littles ones face as she try’s to work out what all the northern accents are saying in their foreign tounge.

    It's almost as though it's a completely different language 😂

  3. 1 hour ago, Tommygilf said:

    Biased but Toms (probably reflecting my age too)

    1. Tom Trbojevic

    2. Tom lineham

    3. Gareth Thomas

    4. Tom Johnstone ( shoehorned in I know)

    5. Tommy Makinson

    6. Tommy Martyn

    7. Thomas Leuluai

    8. Tom Burgess

    9. Tommy Lee

    10. Tom Leroyd-Lahrs




    Bit stumped with the final 3 tbh without going into pre war era players, naturally when searching for Toms or Thomas's you get a lot of Welsh converts too.

    Also theres a lot of Wingers and Fullbacks!

    You could always fill the remaining slots with the Tomkins brothers.

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