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  1. You wouldn't happen to know if he has a cat's ringpiece tattooed on the front of his calf as well?
  2. Crikey, I didn't realise when watching it live just how close that dead ball line was to Oak Furnitureland
  3. Where has this sudden preoccupation with attendance figures come from. Can't we just go back to the old fashioned method of counting the empty seats
  4. Yeah, I think so although it is usually preceded with an apostrophe. I remember bemoaning in the nineties that we could never lay a hand on that 'King Jonathan Davies.
  5. Catalans doing a lot of the heavy lifting then I haven't studied the England squad in detail, but I am guessing that the Catalans 5 should be Cas, and the Cas 6 should be Leigh.
  6. It's almost as though it's a completely different language
  7. You can't expect them to commentate on what Naiqama was doing - they were too busy watching Grace
  8. Well, this headline has taken me by surprise, and I feel I need to set the record straight. Let me confirm that, despite reports to the contrary, Mr Folau is not joining me. Furthermore, given the differences in our beliefs, I do not anticipate this situation changing.
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