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  1. I thought Gareth Hewer had a good game, let it flow and didn't fall for the histrionics at the play the ball; well, apart from on one occasion in the second half. I was expecting a more bad tempered game.
  2. Regarding Partington, people talk about the recipients of his head patting keeping their composure. I think the onus is on Partington to also keep his composure when an opponent makes a mistake, most players are able to resist the urge to charge up-to an opponent pat them on the head/rip their bandage off.
  3. I might agree with that but it ends up getting to the stage where we have the likes of Phil Clarke playing devils advocate over the top of all this, purely for the sake of discussion, and the result of these discussions seems to be that no-one in the commentary box quite understands the rules; with Stuart Cummings being presented as the "voice of reason". It just seems like another wage that Sky have to pay and yet another voice among many. I take your point, though, and some of the criticism I have directed here isn't actually at Cummings and in part backs up your point about it feeling like an "audition process".
  4. I don't really see the point of Stuart Cummings talking through the video referee adjudication. I don't see why Sky can't do what the BBC do during Challenge Cup games and listen in to the video referees comments.
  5. I agree and these viewers are also being further split by the WWE Network app and may be further split by the emergence of All Elite Wrestling, which has some fanfare behind it. If Sky wanted to they could probably wait and get the rights for All Elite Wrestling at a smaller price, should it manage to gain support from the depths of ITV 4.
  6. My concern would be getting his fitness up-to speed after being retired since the end of last season. I also wonder if this points to issues with James Laithwaite; who has had injury issues previously, hasn't featured in recent weeks, and who also came to Leigh following a period of retirement.
  7. Apologies. I would like to go to see a Nines tournament in Europe or further afield, but given my level of disposable income I think my first post is the more likely of the two to happen!
  8. When you're up against a "better" team you do what you need to do. Wigan could do with some attack coaching.
  9. With the accusation that Pearson is cheap, it's also a question of if he does sack Radford then how many players can he afford to replace, as there does seem to be an attitude problem in any event. It could well be a similar, but less extreme, situation to Widnes last year.
  10. I think it's more that Hull are too bad. Every attack Warrington look like scoring, with Charnley in again. Granted Warrington can only play what's in front of them.
  11. Too easy for Warrington, simple dummy and Austin is in through the middle.
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