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  1. Yes they moved him to another hospital I was talking his girlfriend on social media the night I posted this I told her I was thinking of her and Jansin family and that I would post the link to the fundraising page and She put message on her Instagram saying thanks for the support and well wishes she and his family receiving.
  2. think he only played a few games for us when he was on loan last season due to been recalled by Hull and yeah its very sad fingers crossed he gets the right treatment for his serious injures
  3. He's currently critical condition in Ibiza with serious injures after a nasty fall in Ibiza Airport on monday morning. Here's a link to the fundraising page set up to help with his treatment & other expenses https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8eVOKdg6S8 please give what you can to help his family out
  4. Cameron King Jack Bussey Ben Reynolds I thought all the team played very well Lets hope we can go on bit of a winning run now
  5. Carey is still with us he's is recovering from surgery on his hand which he posted on his Instagram page a few weeks ago
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