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  1. Continue to take out all the teams you started listing here and Super League of the future consists of Wigan and St Helens playing 15 games at Home and 15 games Away. I think we need to give some of these teams more credit. If a team can afford to pay the players wages and get too and from games then they're ready. If they can't then they need to cut back on their commitments to player salaries or look for more financial backing.
  2. I love the game of Rugby League and I love the Promotion/Relegation battles but if we are going to grow the sport and welcome new markets then I think a Conference structure is inevitable. The conferences at the top of the message maintain all big rivalries and local derbies as well as create a mechanism for growth. If Perez and a few more of his mates were to throw a few million pound at another 3 cities in North America and potentially establish a total of 5 teams it will take years for them to move up the leagues. And what then... Super League of 12 teams, 5 of whom are American, and 2 french??? Only 5 potential away games you'd stand much chance of getting to. One team gets stuck in C1 and the investor backs out - not because the team is bad but because there were too many big new clubs in the league fighting for one promotion place - and another defunct expansion side... The conference structure keeps the relationship between clubs and their fans, and has the benefit of crowning more "Champions" as teams win their conference, plus adds to the play-off drama as teams compete for the Super League Championship. It keeps Super League relevant across a wider population and not just confined to the big 12. It could also interest more financial investment: The West Conference would consist of Barrow, Workington, Widnes, Whitehaven, Warrington Winning the group would get you to the play-offs A team like Workington with a new community stadium on its way could potentially become a big player in a short amount of time just through attracting a financial investor and better players to their club without having to battle through the leagues. More fans are likely to attend Home/Away fixtures against conference rivals. Either we stick with the same old story which is stuck a few miles north of Birmingham or we are brave and try something radical.
  3. Yes... a lot has been said about this... and a lot of people hate it... but today I was speaking with a coach of a Super League side ? whilst he was watching re-runs of his players at the weekend and we both believe running the league in Conferences is likely the way the sport will go what with all the North American (and now potentially Catalonian ?) interest. So here is my idea (please don't hate me ?)... Lancashire Conference: St Helens, Wigan, Salford, Leigh, Swinton Yorkshire Conference: Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, York The East (Humberside/Calder): Hull FC, Hull KR, Castleford, Wakefield, Featherstone The West (Cheshire/Cumbria): Warrington, Widnes, Barrow, Workington, Whitehaven And if you're still with me this is where you have to use your imagination... ? North American: Toronto, New York, Ottowa, Jacksonville, Hamilton European: Catalans Dragons, Toulouse, London Broncos, London Skolars, Crusaders The European Conference could even split into a European Conference (Catalans, Toulouse, Paris, Belgrade, Barcelona) and a UK Conference (Broncos, Skolars, Crusaders, Raiders, Edinburgh Eagles). The opportunities for further growth here are endless... ? 8 Matches played in each Conference (4 Home/4 Away) plus 20 other Conference (10 Home/10 Away), and 2 Magic Weekend Games. And yes, you guessed it, I also watch the NFL...
  4. Does anyone know if any of these teams are planning to join the newly formed Southern Conference League West Division for next year? Would be good to have some South West participation in the league along with 3 Welsh teams, All Golds and Swindon St George.
  5. Shame... So the league is apparently having a launch on 23 February at London Broncos v Castleford Tigers and there is nothing to advertise it to Joe Public. Well done RFL... My concern is that if the RFL don't get behind this venture and make a proper effort at establishing it as THE League in the South then give it 4 years and it will sadly become another defunct competition.
  6. I was under the impression that a new Southern Conference League with West and East Divisions was being planned. Teams such as Hammersmith Hills Hoists, Torfaen Tigers, Valley Cougars, South London Silverbacks... etc... HOWEVER... I cannot find anything on the internet out there which has up to date information. Rugby-League.com just list 14 teams in two divisions but gives no further details that it is actually happening. Is there a website? Is there a fixture list?? Are there indeed 14 teams spread over two divisions East and West??? Is it happening???? Does the tooth fairy really exist????? Really want to know as I would like to take my son along to watch a few games.
  7. Do the Serbians also have to pay? Welcome Red Star Belgrade... now cough up £0.75 Million...
  8. Surely one way round the "finance" issue is to initially set up 2 or 3 divisions of 4 starting with Eng, Aus, NZ, Tonga and then invite nations to apply to join a division or create a new step on the ladder. Nations therefore take responsibility for making sure they can afford to take part and fulfill each fixture.
  9. Apparently they are looking to join the Southern Rugby League East Conference. I've heard that 14 teams have applied for the new leagues premier East and West Divisions so as to provide a more meaningful and competitive structure for clubs in the south.
  10. You make a very valid point. I initially put this idea together as, in my opinion, if the league was to follow a conference style structure then this would be the only viable solution to ensure derby clubs were kept together and to allow further growth. The problem is you may still find yourself in that situation in the future if Toronto, Catalans, Toulouse plus New York, Hamilton all make it to the super league, which is why, and I refer to an earlier statement of mine, expansion teams welcomed into super league must down the line be with the view to establishing their own league in their own country. I think that if the league was to say invite New York to enter the league it should be for a fixed time frame to ensure that when the time comes the club is asked to leave to join a newly formed or developed league in the USA.
  11. I actually agree with you! I like British sports "1 up, 1 down", "promotion/relegation battles" and deep down think that we should just stick to a simple league of 10 or 12, followed by other equally sized leagues. We brits love our promotion/relegation battles and take pleasure from saying we stuck with our team even when they got relegated or supported our team when no one knew them and now they're the best. If Rugby league is going to grow and expand then other teams are welcome to join Super League but with the intention that when enough teams and interest from across their country have been established then Super League can support them as a separate entity alongside them but with the only "expansion" being a new competition format such as a European Championships, or Inter-Continental end of season Play-offs. I like the Toronto adventure, and hopefully one day a serbian or irish adventure but this must end up with a fully fledged and self funded canadian league, serbian league or irish league in its own right. I also like the fact that Catalans Dragons have done so well this year, and with Toulouse close to making the milion pound game this can only be good for french rugby... however, surely, the end product must be a fully fledged, fully professional, self funded Elite Championship One that can run parallel to Super League with teams from each league qualifying for a Club European Championships or other such "expansion" tournament.
  12. The World Club Series, in my opinion, could be so much better than it currently is. And so the following knockout tournament will solve this! ? Finalist 1 Semi-Final 1: Super-League Champions v Semi-Finalist 1 becomes Finalist 1 Quarter-Final 1: NRL Runner-Up v Quarter-Finalist 1 becomes Semi-Finalist 1 Qualifier 1: France 1 v North America 1 becomes Quarter-Finalist 1 Finalist 2 Semi-Final 2: NRL 1 v Semi-Finalist 2 becomes Finalist 2 Quarter-Final 1: Super-League Runner-Up v Quarter-Finalist 2 becomes Semi-Finalist 2 Qualifier 2: New Zealand 1 v France 2 (or Wales 1) becomes Quarter-Finalist 2 Hopefully you can follow my plan! The idea being that one nation could host the tournament - potentially at the same ground - playing two fixtures a day: Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2 (played on a Thursday) Quarter-Final 1 and Quarter-Final 2 (played on a Sunday) Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2 (played on a Wednesday) Final (played on a Saturday) The tournament therefore lasts 10 days long, consists of teams from 5 or 6 nations, and requires teams to play at most 4 games but more likely just 2 games. It is greater exposure for the International Club game, involves more teams, and doesn't last too long so should in theory be able to be implemented. If say New Zealand Warriors, Catalans Dragons, or Toronto WP were in fact to win or be runners up in SL/NRL then they would be bumped up the knockout stages accordingly.
  13. Likely to upset a few people here... Have been thinking long and hard about developing the League to allow for expansion in the future and have come up with a conference system similar to that in the NFL. Before you give up reading on... please just read the rest... ? "The East" Hull FC, Hull KR, Castleford, Featherstone, Wakefield "Yorkshire" Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, York "Lancashire" St Helens, Wigan, Leigh, Salford, Swinton "The West" Warrington, Widnes, Workington, Whitehaven, Barrow "Expansion" Catalans, Toulouse, Toronto, London, New York (?) This idea ensures that local derbies are contested yearly and without fail and also with a Home and Away same conference, Home only against 2 Conferences, and Away only against the other 2 Conferences ensures all teams play everyone - total 28 games. Future Expansion would be to develop French Rugby League, as well as North American Rugby League, and could look like: "France" Catalans, Toulouse, AS Carcasonne, Limoux Grizzlies, Lezignan The bottom team could face a play-off with the French Elite 1 Champions "North America" Toronto, New York, Hamilton, Boston, Chicago The bottom team could face a play-off with the Champions of a US/Canada RL "UK and Ireland" London Broncos, London Skolars, Ireland, Wales, Scotland In case you think I have forgotten about the rest... The British Rugby Championship Rochdale, Oldham, Batley, Dewsbury Hunslet, Keighley, Sheffield, Doncaster Newcastle, Coventry Hemel, Skolars, Crusaders, Raiders Please go gentle with me with your responses... ?
  14. Heard ideas popping around about a three team pacific league Australia, New Zealand, Tonga... blah blah blah... Why not just set things up now the way you want it to look in the future as a globally recognised competition that allows for further expansion and development. Division 1: Australia, New Zealand, England, Tonga Division 2: PNG, Fiji, France, Scotland Division 3: Lebanon, Ireland, Wales, Italy Division 4 and below continue as above or potentially split conferences depending on location Every year a nation (or two nations e.g. Australia and New Zealand if simple geography allows) hosts a "Four Nations" styled world league. Winner Division 1 hailed as World League Champions, with the bottom side relegated - or potentially contest a Home play-off against winner of Division below in a "if you want it come and get it" play-off for promotion/relegation.
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