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  1. Hey Nad - please see earlier in the thread where I expressly said I was not supporting the club's marketing efforts. Thanks for your kind words towards someone who is trying to do something pro active to support the club's marketing efforts (sub-standard as they are) instead of trash talking the benevolent investor who has kept us alive. Money talks, ###### walks.
  2. It's not for free though, because any collaborative effort involves time and money to execute, even if one party is working on a voluntary basis. What credentials do they have increasing the audience of a first tier sports team by an order of magnitude? The most helpful thing they can do is use their marketing ideas to each bring a few people along with them to game and get them hooked on our great sport. Alternatively they could plow a proportion of their life savings into marketing initiatives without the club's backing. That's the right attitude but can you implement your services without recourse to the club? I am building a social media platform and niche site with my own cash and I think it's an advantage not to involve that club in that, they'd just hold my ideas back. RFL manifestly know nothing about marketing, look at the aggregate gate over ten years.
  3. Sick of comments like this levelled at Hughes on various forums. He is 73. He should be retired. Without him there is no London Broncos. He has put over £20mm into the club. His friends probably think he’s mad for doing so. He owes you nothing. Circumstances have conspired against him many many times not least the incompetence at the top of the game. He’s the owner, not the management. So many armchair ‘I know best’ fans shouting from the sidelines without putting any investment capital into the club, volunteering or taking very little initiative of their own. They probably shun the supporters because it’s full of people with ‘great ideas’ without the skill or work rate to execute them properly. I’m not saying the current marketing effort is anywhere near good enough but what do you expect Hughes to do? Suddenly become a dynamic 35yo CEO himself or spend even more money appointing someone with calibre?
  4. Talks on going with Sammut according to Danny Ward at a recent gala dinner. He's out of contract though. There are so many things to do in London that in order to compete, the match day experience needs to be class A1.
  5. Hi Apologies you're right on Ealing - they are now tier two having been promoted in 2015... On the internationals you mention (who the market clear do not regard as on Morgans-level), that's why i said predominantly.
  6. Greetings. I am the author of the 'international superstar' tweet. I tweeted that in the context of a local community discussion called #EalingHour and to promote the game in Ealing (hence the hashtag), it wasn't necessarily for the benefit of seasoned RL fans with a knowledge of the caliber of players. Remember the context: Ealing has a third tier rugby union club and has only ever seen Championship Broncos composed predominantly of junior English and Welsh players, signing Ryan Morgan who has been a regular in top SL and NRL teams is a big scoop when seen through that lens. Also, the tweet is prefaced with 'reports coming over the internet' - to refer to someone relaying a rumor as a 'blatent lie' is a little harsh.
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