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  1. This forum is being used for pure mischief, It's a negative on the club that holds it back and damages it's reputation and standing locally via people on keyboards. Time to depart, I'll judge the club on what it does on the pitch and in the community, they've made massive progress. Work to do on pathways, club link ups but moving forward clearly. I'm a Distington supporter and i'll tell you now that club is in good hands, we enjoyed a fantastic invitation and the continuous contact on things is a breath of fresh air. Chris Thorman came to our club on the Saturday and is a humble, charming guy, the club have also made a good appointment there. Adios forum mischief men. You ruined a good area for genuine discussion.
  2. Are you connected to a club JMB? You seem to have plenty of opinion and a passion for RFL in the area.. Have you ever approached the club? Offered to help?
  3. I think I'll move on, seems JMB you have some decent points but underlying seems to be a questionning and negative attitude towards most things tbh. I'm off to drink my half full cup of tea. We'll have to just disagree.
  4. I'd suspect it's not going to be any random 10 though, they could and should be identified and developed. It's an alternative to handing out trialist forms as they have timescale restrictions of 28 or 90 days so rather than doing that this is a solution to a set of circumstances that have seen the clubs going in with less than 17. These amateur players would have to be top drawer to be given the opportunity you mention above proven players, it's unlikely a coach would do that, it's possible but I'd suspect it's just not gonna happen and the coach would select the more experienced proven player. I'm more of the opinion that occasionally you'll get immediate gems like Callum and Brett Phillips but more often than not there'l be lads like Stevie Scholey or Tom Curwen who have had to work hard, be patient and wait for their opportunity to command a regular shirt. Are there players around that are patient enough to wait for the chance, I personally don't think there's many who are but given the opportunity to be part of a selected 10 may give them the extra motivation to strive to be ready if the chance came about, knowing they are on the clubs radar and maybe even being encouraged to train with the pro club without the fear of it being held against them by a shortsighted local club or it's coach. Trust me I've spoken to local lads who's coach said if you don't train with me twice you will not play at the weekend. Other than time restricted trialist forms can you suggest any other options for overcoming the unforseen circumstances that Town, Haven have encountered over the last few years.? You can't just keep offering deals out to lads either and rack up a 28 man squad, as there's not a bottomless pit of money and there's no reserve option in Cumbria to make sure these lads get regular games. Any other solutions?
  5. Ok marra, keep finding the negative on everything. Your the type of person who'd probably say to a player invited and say "they're using you marra, I wouldnt bother." I'd rather be the coach who said, "here is a massive opportunity to show how good you are, go for it, it may work out and either way you'll be a better player for experiencing it." It's another option to provide a route to a career.
  6. It's hardly to make up the numbers is it. It's an opportunity for some to be identified, developed and if the situation arrives some young bloke may just get the chance they've been craving. Short sighted or just sheep who slag the RFL off with any possible solution will be the same dinosaurs who plead How did the RFL let this happen, DOC when a team somewhere goes in with less than 17!
  7. It's a fantastic solution, that way players can be identified, get regular rugby, train with pro clubs and also get the opportunity as when it arises to show what they can do without giving up their status.
  8. Exactly the fact that the club haven't commented other than to name Chris is a sign of their professionalism. The fact that rumours and conjecture are sourced from outside suggest that the rejected party is a bit bitter and probably nursing his ego after er his rejection. Feeling the need to stir the curd in order to save face. CHRIS THORMAN is the coach and that's all that matters.
  9. I'd guess that would create significant pressure on cash flow as the comets probably paid after meetings etc which were regular id guess. In a business where win/loss appearance fees fluctuate per game then i'd say they've done a good job too mate.
  10. 50k is 50k and I'm sure pre signing deadline being able to dip into 50k surplus would have significantly helped the club thicken the squad out towards the latter end of the year, or make ground improvements or repairs. But if 50k is a viewed by you as nothing I'd suggest you give the club a ring and i'm sure Messrs Smallwood etc would like to talk with you.
  11. Hope that's true, young and articulate whenever I've spoke to him. Seems a very switched on guy all round.
  12. So what point are you trying to make, I'm not following this....
  13. Missed out on, or won't have a go? Big difference
  14. Surely your having a wind up pal. Elliott Miller is the best all round player we have. He deserves the opportunity to regain his place as first on the sheet, he's come back from major injury before when he hurt his back. He'll do it again.
  15. I don't think it's that, just different era's or phases in these players careers they come into contact with different people/coaches. Jonty is the past at Town, well respected and always will be at the club but at the moment the future is Thorman and Murdock so let's see what that brings and support it.
  16. Well done Caine, Town have done well to secure such a good player for next season.
  17. And how would you know this? A couple of your posts suggest you were close to the club goings on for a while and if so maybe it's better you let the club move on. If you're still involved then maybe it's time to leave as your not helping anyone. Not a good place to be is bitter, you live in misery when in fact the people your bitter with just move on.
  18. Nope but he brought in ultimately poor options in Tansey/Foster. You can't guarantee success on signings.
  19. I'm not really bothered about the comparison to Union or Football. I'm only concerned in seeing the club i support prosper and I'm sorry but they never will if it's ok to skip training, buses or whatever without penalty. I'm more concerned that when I pay my entrance money and sponsor a game which invariably helps the club fund the wages of players that they act professionally, respect their teammates, the board and the contracts they sign. I too watch the game because of the commitment and discipline shown, but that should be mirrored of it.
  20. Agree with you in some of these thoughts. It's a conundrum though SS, one on hand there's the: Don't train, don't play opinion - if you choose a professional life and that's the consequence of taking supporters and sponsors good money. You get good wages for playing a sport you once trained and played for nothing, you get a better standard of house, car and other of lifes luxuries. Then you have the: cut them some slack, it's a hard life brigade but also criticise when we are low on numbers, but in fact it's a second job and if you don't attend your day job there's a consequence, why should playing Rugby be any different. Me personally, I'm all for the club being professional and if those players are from out of county, mars, the moon I really don't care as long as they treat the paying public and the profession the respect they deserve. Interesting and exciting times at DP.
  21. He may become the victim of the club literally being sick of players being unprofessional. It would be a shame as I do genuinely think his heart is in it but sometimes enoughs enough. To let the club down when it's down to the bare bones is pretty poor. But if it's a sign of things to come then sometimes there is line in the sand drawn and a new era starts with a new approach. Incredibly bad timing from Rooke, an action he may live to regret.
  22. If your referring to Ryan then is Radio Cumbria not an official news feed then.? Suppose f you're looking to find fault you'll find it.
  23. There was a twitter exchange from Chris Thorman advising Tyllar had left, Olstrom who knows but hardly just this set up who has struggled to know what's going on in his life. Lancaster was on the bench and when he got injured at North Wales it was said it was a suspected broken collar bone, Wellington got helped off lawt week so i presume he wasn't right to take the field. DR allows the club to select anyone who had played a certain number of games by a cut off point so presumably that would only mean Sam Hewitt who has been in the Huddersfield squad alot, hence not available for Town. Fieldhouse leg was operated on and he's been all over Facebook saying how he's getting on, he was also on radio. Cumbria last week saying he hoped to be back for pre season, Elliot Miller had major shoulder surgery which they said at the time was season ending. Ive picked up these things by just following the various outlets for news. Yes maybe it could be more often but its not exactly not being disclosed.
  24. So you're asking who the bod members are but then saying bod members are saying contrasting things or are you just repeating rumours you've heard ? That doesn't make sense tbh JMB. What was it about anyhow?
  25. What ways are the BOD not being professional? Are you saying you heard the rumours come from individuals on the board? Hope not. That be bad crack...
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