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  1. 25 minutes ago, Cumbria RL said:

    Maybe look at home before calling haven lads some of your best don’t mind partaking in 48 HR benders 

    You always seem to always know an awful lot about us too. 

    Remember don't cheer if Town score Sunday ?

  2. Tbh although it's not for us, if Brett returns to RL then it's good that a good Cumbrian player is back playing the sport again. 

    Hopefully overtime relationships and bridges can be rebuilt and Brett & Callum may one day wear the Town shirt again. 


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  3. Ambition matched with realism.

    Stefan Marsh was a name banded about by folk on here and not the club so for you to compere the two is pretty ridiculous. 

    I like Tomkins and he's available but the club got Fieldhouse probably because ones realistic the other isnt, supporters just wanting to sign any player currently unattached. 

  4. Some good points made but at the end of the day he's been endorsed by our ex- SL captain who obviously knows whether he's any good.

    Barrow supporters like him although the injury is a concern I believe he took time away to get sorted rather than trying to overcome the injury whilst fighting for a place in the Barrow side. 

    He's big by the looks of it and knows where the line is by all accounts a handful, defence can be worked on and a natural centre is a better fit than using Olstrom there who can back among it in the middle.

    Sometimes supporters have to put a bit more faith into the recruitment team in my opinion. 

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