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  1. Is a disgrace for professional club, It's like a bomb site in Syria
  2. How much did it cost to run an academy team in 1997 if you don't mind me asking, As it is something we should be looking at now. Or even a Derwent rangers set up.
  3. So what do both clubs do now, Do they reject the offer of a cheaper version the council have planned, Or wait 4yr and hope labour get back in, It's a tricky one
  4. Think O'Donnell is getting better each game he play's.
  5. I 'm led to believe the drainage pipes have collapsed due to heavy vehicles
  6. Local MP gets reply off council leader in times and star about stadium
  7. Player's like les gorley and eddie bowman should have been asked back to the club when retired to coach young forwards, Imagine the knowledge they could have passed on
  8. If all rumours are true, think we've all been stitched up conned call it what you like, until some body say's otherwise
  9. If we can't have the one that was designed for both clubs we should stop as we are and try to get our own funding.
  10. yes you are a mischief maker. the end.
  11. you should know you know everything don't you, And it would be disrespectful to name them as you would put it
  12. Those who voted against the stadium. Shall never be forgotten. Shame on you all
  13. I will remind you end of season who is right on this one I
  14. I've heard six forwards leaving end of season. Looks like we are in this division for a while,
  15. wonder if travel lodge will go ahead now that stadiums a none starter.
  17. And who do you think you are, The man was reporting on what he saw and what he was told by some official he won't name what harm is their in that,You would think you owned the club. You want to lighten up marra and start getting out instead of pulling people to pieces because it don't suit you
  18. Would having a petition on the matter be any good, It's just a thought that might help, good luck also.
  19. Look's as though we need alan titchmarsh's ground force on there
  20. What's the problem with you ? I said imagine, If it's seed fair enough I imagined wrong.
  21. I would imagine it will be turf, if we are playing on it in 4 or 5 weeks time
  22. Is a independent lady from wigton.
  23. Was it blue grass, Sorry couldn't resist it.
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