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  1. Think a lot will depend on if forber is fit, our attack flows much better when he's involved - no obvious replacement as we seen in the matches where he missed. Need a complete 80 minute performance and to complete sets to stand any chance
  2. What we're them two big black round containers for just below the grandstand?
  3. Good solid performance, the key was our high completion rate today, if we cut out daft mistakes we go well - just need to make sure we repeat at the wreck
  4. after a couple of disappointing results to say the least, we need to bounce back with a win to stand any chance of making the play offs - with negative results comes negative comments but now is the time to get the season finally started (again) - lets get behind the boys and start the play off push.
  5. How long has o'donnell got left on his loan spell?
  6. Far better for watching, just need to sort the alcohol policy /restriction that the stadium has
  7. Has Karl been on or just named in the 17?
  8. 12 all half time, lack of numbers going to cost us it seams, started well but tiring as half went on
  9. Any idea when planning likely to get submitted and possible approval?
  10. Huddersfield only been able to name 18 in there first team squad this week, so only gonna get academy players if any this weekend
  11. Dawson, moi Moi, Maudling to come back into squad along with dual reg - wasn't any noticeable injuries on Sunday, just need to keep playing for longer than ten minute spurts and we'll be fine
  12. I believe that people are only against it due to the amount of negative publicity it has been allowed to have, there hasnt been many positive reports in favour of the stadium in the press
  13. Packhoss


    Sutton and Walsh to miss out for my selection - think Rooke can cause defence problems on a decent pitch
  14. Town by 10 tomorrow, whoever does get left out has to have the mentality to prove there point in training and work there way back in - would rather have lads fighting for places than having complacency - got to go with strongest squad
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