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  1. A radical suggestion here... Why not assemble a team which is capable of banging loudly on the door of super league?...then i doubt whether a council could be anywhere near so dismissive. As it stands, the business case for either club needing an 8k capacity stadium just is not there. Surely the big selling point for a rugby club MUST be the stuff being served up on the pitch? Show that the club IS serious about going places first, then look at getting others behind it. I have to say that while disappointing, it cannot be a surprise that this was not considered an unrefusable offer
  2. Plain and simple.....for the standard of rugby being churned out at the minute, there should be NO "big earners"...it's a part-time team,playing stuff that amateurs would hang their heads at. As for some "senior" players..well we cannot expect miracles!...Danny Tickle has pretty much lacked bottle for the whole of his career...he's not suddenly going to begin digging deep at this point. Moi moi was a 10 minute spell player 3 seasons ago..he's not suddenly going to start guzzling up the game time for town Some not very smart things happening across the board within the club and if you run something like a pub team then i am afraid that is what you will produce. Completely disgusted and deflated...never in my wildest nightmares would i EVER have believed that i would see a town side being outplayed and outworked by Coventry.
  3. Ken kerr was still playing back in australia until quite recently! Slightly less hair nowadays
  4. Part and parcel of signing travelling players for a part-time team. Town need to make up their minds....is it part-time community team OR is it aiming for full time commercial operation? Club seems aimless at times If it is a part time community club then it is getting lots wrong just now! Communication and engagement with fans HAS to be better - you are not a big international organization so don't act like one....don't withold information from fans and if something happens that affects the team...tell us!....you cannot have it both ways. You cannot put out your hand for our money but expect to keep people at arms length...community clubs rely upon community engagement .,that must be a two-way street...we should not be reading about impending changes within our own club on another clubs forum, before anyone from the club sees fit to let us in on it! A community club obviously cannot have players living hours away from the club, not training and taking home more cash than the rest...that would not work in any walk of life. Geographically we need to be realistic...clubs based in yorkshire and Lancashire are an hours drive apart...Town is an hours drive from the M6 on a busy day! Any player willing to travel a 6 hour round trip 2 or 3 times a week for part time money is probably not worth paying for! The key to health of the club lies right on it's doorstep, short term plans involving full time players looking for a pension are just useless to a club at this level Things need to change otherwise i fear for the future
  5. The job to be done here is NOT one for an ex international player with more ego than experience...Leon did a fair job given the resources and certainly gave it his best shot BUT i have said this before....top players very rarely make top coaches - the mental attributes for the two jobs are so very different. Personally my concern was that the one thing that town must be doing is building for the future....I would respectfully contend that a side with a small squad containing Moi Moi,Tickle,Penkywicz,Wilkes has more than one eye on today!....these are great servants and warriors but in all fairness two of them are actually beyond "veteran" status....what is the 5 year plan? Where is the ship heading? Because without this question being answered then the name of the head coach is totally irrelevant. For what it's worth i think Gary Murdock would be a step backwards and the club really does need to capitalize on the raised profile brought by the name of Leon Price....Murdock would be the equivalent of Haven looking to Gordon Cottier!....move forward and think 2030 NOT just 2019...time to set a proper course and aim for it constructively
  6. Jeepers....thought that i would start with a gentle one!....obviously operating at mastermind level here....will definitely pitch the next one a bit tougher. Congratulations....one genuine 1980s "marathon" easter egg is in the bag The question is.... Do you want to take the prize? Or will you gamble and see what's hiding behind "Bully"?? You have the time it takes the board to revolve to decide! C'mon popular side..Help him out here Super Smashing Great
  7. A bit of fun for derby week below are some gentlemen...all of whom have graced the town jersey (to varying degrees of excellence)...have a go, it's just a bit of fun - dont google them....that would just spoil the fun. Winner gets a 1984 "marathon" easter egg .. depending upon the success of this project, i may be persuaded to have more fun and games during the coming week. good luck and enjoy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  8. I would start a rumour about haven's coaching team being "tapped up" but the teams in the cumbria mens league already have coaches so nobody would bite!
  9. The one thing that will decide how this one goes is ruck speed...if Leeds are allowed to get rolling and play with quick ball then town could be in for a long night - Matt Parcell can destroy slow defenders around the ruck. If town can get the pace of the game to something comfortable then that will be great Prediction for me would be Leeds 54 6 Town I would look at Liam Sutcliffe to score a hat trick as a suggestion for a punt - he is under pressure from some fans and is a bit of a flat track bully, likely to look a million dollars tonight only to look out of his depth back in super league Should be a great experience for everyone at the club, best of luck lads ,
  10. Really should be flattered that Town are doing so well that Haven fans are more interested in what's happening at derwent park than they are in what little is going on down there!
  11. Not for me i am afraid! Toronto is a squad with next to no canadian involvement and could just as easily be based in bradford. Expansion in anything comes when there is a good solid base from which to build....the rugby league base in this country is screaming out for some help and support....no good having a club in New York if the one we have in YORK is left to go to the wall in exchange. I would sooner see them concentrate on fixing the issues here before playing fantasy rugby around the globe
  12. This would not be the first time that Sandow has made claims of a transfer on social media, for them to turn out to be rubbish. From what i can gather his last contract as a player involved him playing for no wages but being handed a mining job... I think that any expectations of the "warrington" version of Sandow turning up would need to be watered down somewhat. One thing i will say though is that folks here cannot be giving the board and managment a pat on the back for signing him (if it happens) ...only to turn on them if things go wrong for whatever reason! In my book its a big tick in the right boxes for the club that the trade paper is carrying headlines linking internationally known players to Workington..not even sure it matters whether its true or not!....its getting the profile of the club out there and firming up the idea that Town are a outfit who are heading upwards and that must be a good thing
  13. Perhaps not such a good day!.....he is gonna love the haven games
  14. Not just a darts player and boxer but apparently plays some rugby too
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