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  1. Not even in my wildest dreams. I dread to think of what Leeds could do to us. I just tell myself it doesn't matter as much to us. Leeds need a good cup run. Bulls don't.
  2. I just wondered if it was a Fax fan, and Mum had bought him his first computer. I remember that idealism of youth and the need to change the world.
  3. Hopefully they'll be able to pick them up from the academy at Ottawa, or maybe New York.
  4. Should Toronto get into Super League I can't imagine any club complaining that they have to travel to Canada to play their away match whilst others will play theirs a few miles down the road at a neutral venue. It will all be hunkydory.
  5. Last year stepping off the mark seemed to be penalised much more frequently. In effect the attacker is stepping off the mark to clear the ruck area and get a fast PTB. The defender is disadvantaged by that (often due to the presence of other defenders). It is a complete mess but many times the first offence is ignored and that enables the attacker to then milk the second offence. Whatever steps are taken coaches will find a new way to gain an advantage and others will copy. I look back over six decades and I'm sure that's always been the case, it's just more sophisticated now........ and more infuriating.
  6. I think I would rather the game isn't on TV. I don't want to risk losing any of the potential attendance unless I could be sure there was adequate recompense. I suspect this game will be of enough interest to both sets of fans, and to some neutrals, to ensure that we have a decent payday. It's a game we have little chance of winning so the financial side of things could lessen the disappointment.
  7. "Big old Bradford" You are Rip Van Winkle and I claim my five shillings. It's little new Bradford now.
  8. Fev were much the better team. I don't think the coach can be blamed, it's a strange thing is momentum. Nobody plans for it. It was completely astounding and many had already walked out of the ground. Other than the result I don't think either team would have much to crow about.
  9. I think things are going quite well for what is, in effect, a new club. It was much worse in the first season two years ago.
  10. That would be much too sensible, particularly if they could grow a decent attendance figure.
  11. If I remember correctly didn't a video ref and the actual ref conspire to award a try that clearly shouldn't have been awarded with no time for the wronged team to respond..... Magic weekend 2007.......Jordan Tansley Robbery. So even that's fallible, by design or neglect.
  12. Over the 50 plus years I've been watching I've seen hundreds of wrong calls. There's even been cases of referees actually admitting they were wrong and then being stood down. I've no doubt that refs do even things up where they realise they made a costly mistake. Have you ever seen a match where the referee got everything completely right. Big mistakes are even worse on TV. Ashley Kline.... Magic weekend.... Bulls v Leeds
  13. Could you remind me who the Bulls took on DR. I know they took several players on loan and Lilley is on loan this year.......from the Rhino's. You might be right but for the life of me I can't remember who it could be.
  14. Just a few more, or better, Rhinos and I'm sure Fev will be right up there. It really hurt that a Rhinos player scored against us. Good job the referee saw the injustice of it all.
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