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  1. I was being sarcastic. I should've placed a winking emoji after my statement
  2. So Albert and Morgue are going to be what 5th and 6th option now?
  3. Way to small to be a first grader in the NRL.
  4. I think local players from France and NZ are going to be fairly even given resources and player base. Thinks it's a fair to be able to look at both sides as equals.
  5. So saying "winning start" and "fantastic achievement" is getting carried away?
  6. So a A team is participating in the 9's and not a full strength side, and what other matches are they planning?
  7. That passion from Sidlow was awesome. When you have Barthau playing on the wing and fullback, Toulouse were never in this match to begin with.
  8. This is bad. The only player that is going to miss out is a French forward. Year after year these players come into the team and do not need to prove themselves for a first team position. You had Whitley come in this year and displace someone like Romano who should at least had first crack in the starting team. You have players like Lucas Albert who needs 8 players to get injured including forwards to get a chance in the halves.
  9. Long time lurker. Enjoyed the first episode and the quality production behind it. Keep it up, and I can't wait to listen to many many more to come.
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