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  1. 3 minutes ago, Hopping Mad said:

    Middlesbrough Football Club (historically, in the North Riding) have an impact on North Yorkshire's sporting preferences. Boro's support extends well beyond Teesside, with fans as far south as Thirsk and Whitby.

    North Yorkshire might be huge, geographically, but it is relatively sparsely populated.

    It is sparsely populated but still has a population of over 1.1million. 200,000 in York alone. Middlesbrough has been swaying in and out of North Yorkshire but be great to be in as a further 140,000 to be included in the population. They aren't sure themselves where they belong as Cleveland isn't a county anymore but most up that way would class themselves more as North Eastern than Yorkist. You find most North Yorkshire football fans in the York/Harrogate area of either a Leeds or Bradford persuasion with the rest being glory followers. After Middlesbrough were relegated it stopped the glory followers but you still have the odd ones. Personally I would like Middlesbrough to be included in North Yorkshire as it increases the exposure and especially on the back of the world cup hosting a game and the cook Islands can only be a good thing. 


  2. 21 hours ago, binosh said:

    Mmmmm Expansion!

    This bid would bring the only pro club in North Yorkshire onto the top table. North Yorkshire as a county is huge but sporting wise there are limited options. No pro Rugby Union, only 2 Pro football teams (Harrogate and York). Yorkshire Cricket have a week in Scarborough every year other than that nothing further. 

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  3. The off field facilities aren't the problem with us and that shows with how successful our World Cup bid and how many teams York are hosting next year. We will always have a constant supply of graduates on different sport related courses through partners York College and York St.Johns Uni. The main area or question not answered so far if York were successful and went full time if  players didn't want to do it that were already under contract for 2021 like Tim Spears for example would we need to pay him out of contract or I wonder if there is a release clause in there. As this 12th club request was sprung after all clubs started recruiting for 2021.

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  4. 17 minutes ago, Marauder said:

    Costs more to park in York than it would going to the game.

    400 parking spaces at the stadium. Potential free train and ride from the city centre to the stadium. Unless you are under 16 you can't match that freeness. Free street parking minutes away from the stadium too. North Yorkshire is the biggest county by land mass in England and doesn't have any Super League club. There is plenty of potential for a full time club to tap into undiscovered markets there are schools in Harrogate that don't play either code of Rugby that want to work with Harrogate and York to put a program of teaching in place. Potential is massive if the game decides and moves in the same direction. 

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  5. On 21/11/2020 at 06:39, The Rocket said:

    Looks like a great city and the stadium is good, but it looked a bit like a tourism promotion to me. Maybe the business case of the bid is elsewhere, I don`t know,  but I would have liked  more of that side, even if they showed more of how the town generates its wealth and how the Club might tap into that if they are going to be a serious player in Super League. Otherwise they could be just a well run and supported Championship club. Nothing wrong with that.

    Part of the bid and something Jon Flatman (York Chairman) is passionate about is the tourism aspect of York it comes as part of the York bid. Rugby League and a weekend to York/North Yorkshire. Jon has established partnerships with Visityorkshire.com amongst other York Bids. Although many people think Bradford are nailed on it only delivers Rugby League for Dewsbury and no further regional tourism benefits. This will be the first Rugby league club in North Yorkshire with a population of 1.1million its a big pool to choose from. Expansion around York is already happening a new club in Harrogate has been setup in lockdown with strong links to York City Knights foundation and the other already established York clubs, pathways are already in place. 

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  6. On 20/11/2020 at 22:26, georgeb1 said:

    Could it be possible that whoever Win's the vote to be claiming the vacant position of 12th club in superleague is moving into a very uncompetitive competition , having just witnessed the semi's in their prestigious competition the victors won by a massive 77 points to 4 . Wigan and saints are streets ahead , Leeds and Warrington are the nearest challengers , the rest to be honest are ALSO-RANS . championship for me any day.😀😀😀

    And if you look at all 4 of them, everyone has excellent academies alongside their quality first team. Any team without a decent off field setup will struggle massively especially when injuries catch up. Basically you are amongst 8 clubs competing for 5th and avoiding relegation! 

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  7. To be fair to Jon, he put forward a good case on the radio interview and it was clear how ambitious he is about the area and great the wider North Yorkshire is being mentioned in that plan. 

    If you gave a non sports follower the list of cities Bradford, London, Toulouse and York would straight away be the only ones they have heard of. If you showed them pictures of their current grounds. Toulouse and York are the only 2 that stand out. The issue for Toulouse is always going to be around the travel, we leave the EU officially end of December and obviously Covid-19. If France don't have a vaccine plan in place before us are Super League going to fund the Toulouse squad to go private? If I am honest I can clearly see why we are in that mix of clubs looking for promotion. If the board backs Fev that would be 3 teams in a WF postcode and be a backwards step, they also don't bring anything commercially to the game. 

    From a RL point of view Bradford, Leigh, London, Toulouse and York all have strong cases. Can Bradford be deemed financially viable? A strong London bid could and should wipe the floor as a sport without a team in the Capital is rare to say the least! Although heart says York there are viable reasons for all but I hope the "M62ers" don't get onboard if its not York make it something different

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  8. A genuine question and not as negative as it might sound if York are given the nod and some of the players don't want to go full time due to other commitments such as Tim Spears etc do we have to pay their contracts or are they null and void as the club is going down a different route? 

  9. A-F the Knights tick the boxes the downside is that we don't have a full time squad. Would I like to see York in Super League of course. Would I like it on the terms offered possibly not. £1million from Central funding. If you split that evenly across a 23 man squad it gives £43k each, I know it wont be split evenly and there will be room for a marquee signing but we have to think, would a season or 2 of top end championship be better than 1 year exposure of Super League relegation battles. We will do well to stay up above KR, Wakey and possibly Salford now Watson has gone. 

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  10. Before people try and shoot me down I know "Major League Rugby" which surprising as it might be is in North America and Union . Is due to start their 18 week regular season on 20 March 2021 with the final being 1st August. That has a pro club from Toronto traveling across USA not quite yet got into Ottawa. A 12 is team league with a standard US style college draft too. They have been running for 4 years and already look professional although attendances on the low side for USA with average across the league 2100 but imagine that is all paying fans.

    If Rugby Leagues North America adventure is going to be transatlantic and last we need to either concentrate on one country e.g. Canada and have a development officer assigned there or have "East Coast Region" which includes Canada and I would get this down to developing a team from Florida (either way) and possibly even Jamica building on the World Cup Success with a view of creating an All NA and Caribbean League system (Nicaragua and others are up and coming too) 

  11. From the statement issued by Super League any team "... concluded unanimously that operating a team in Canada would not produce material incremental revenue in the short or medium term..."

    So on the basis of the above does any of the options suggested bring that to the table? Only London, Toulouse and Leigh are full time. Out of those 3 only Toulouse or Leigh (Bradford & Widnes could) can bring in the fans capable of the revenue needed in the short term. If the decision is made today (which it won't) you will have under 3 months until the start of the season. For me the decision is between Toulouse and Leigh based on full time clubs with stadiums suitable for International/Super League grade games. 

    That is taking into account the literal sense of what the reasons were why Toronto have been rejected. For credibility you can't bring in a part time club or a club that doesn't bring revenue to the competition 

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  12. 8 hours ago, Exiled Wiganer said:

    I like V’Landys, and i liked Lindsay. 2 ideas men, who made the game change, having seen its potential. In both cases, you instantly knew what their vision was (and how much they believed in the game). Could anyone set out what Elstone’s vision is? 

    That was a major point we were talking about. The gap between Super League and NRL is widening all the time and Origin has been for a number of years bigger than playing for your country if you are an Aussie. For the future of the sport in this country we need to try something different and we don't need pointless administrators that pipe up on social media and in the papers every now and then and say the obvious. Who gets promoted into Super League for 2021 is going to be Elstone's biggest decision I am not saying York should as I don't personally think we are ready but it's a massive test to see if he takes an easy option or thinks outside of the M62

  13. Probably been discussed regarding his pre covid salary of £400,000 however we were chatting at work and wondered if Super League did merge back to the RFL if this pot of money became available how could it be best spent. One of the ideas that I think could work would to have RFL central development contracts. In this you are looking for players for the future. Maybe a panel of coaches or England schoolboys identifies the players and you could pay up to 18 players £20,000 a year say on a 3 year deal with the rest (£40,000) for costs of scouting etc. The idea of the contracts is the RFL has the contracted player and he is loaned back to his parent club (aimed at Championship/League 1) so rather than a player remaining part time he could earn a full time contract and develop which in turn would help his teammates get better raising the standard from the bottom up. 

  14. The major plus with London is sustainability as they have an excellent academy system that delivers consistent level of quality players which used to be created by Bradford and others 10 years ago. However this isn't enough to give them a pass into Super League and I wouldnt be surprised if they don't go up next year that they aren't forced to go part time. If you looked at the Championship now even as a York fan I would say Leigh and Toulouse followed by London and Fev and possibly 'Fax are in the best shape to step-up. York are making progress but we haven't played in the new stadium yet and have a full time coach who hasn't coached Super League or have a full time team. Bradford are always going to be in the mix but until they are financially stable with their ground problems sorted they would always be deemed a risk. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    That fixture being home fans only was because Guiseley are considered an 'elite' team rather than because of the regional tiers. There were a few occurrences in the 3rd Qualifying Round where 600 home fans were allowed but no home fans. There has however been a certain amount of discussion in terms of away fans in the Northern Premier League, but clubs are well aware that it is only advisory not to travel outside of your tier rather than compulsory and try to limit things in other ways. Stafford Rangers, for example, made it all-ticket for Atherton Collieries fans on Tuesday evening. For any relevance to RL and the Championship, such limitations would literally vary from club to club depending on how reliant they are on visiting supporters as much as anything else.

    Now Leeds and Manchester are both in Tier 3 as of Monday the chance of fans in the near future especially away fans are slim to non. Hopefully for us league fans things improve for 1st 1/4 of 2021

  16. Personally I think next season should be about England internationally if we are going to do anything out of the norm it would need to be warm up games. It would be nice to sell out the 3 group games and future internationals before even considering Yorks Vs Lancs. With the amount of overseas imports and the importance as a business for professional club RL I personally feel coaches will be reluctant to release players. Would you want your star player doing an ACL in a game between Yorks vs Lancs played in front of 7,100 (England Knights last attendance) at Headingley? It would need serious investment and be the pinicle of a players career and be held in higher prestige than getting a NRL contract or playing for England which are the current marker. 

  17. The problem occurs with tiers. Eg. If a club in Lancashire are in Tier 3 but another one is Tier 1/2 from a different area the advice is not to travel unnecessarily. In the 4 round Qualifying of the FA Cup the weekend gone, they allowed home fans only and restricted the attendance. In one particular tie FC United of Manchester vs Guiseley FCUM had season members only in attendance. Attendance was 600 their average is around 1500 mark with I imagine 100-200 away fans. So based on their stats they were operating at half their average attendance. With the bigger Championship clubs in particular it maybe a ballot for attendance if only 600 are allowed in. Their ground capacity is 4,400 so they are around 14% capacity

  18. 17 hours ago, Liverpool Rover said:

    A lot of the recruitment was for a few years down the line and to get the players to grow as a team, the risk of that at the start of the year was that there would have been the risk of not winning enough games to avoid relegation.

    Since the restart there were some good performances but they have been getting worse, the constant changing of the team won’t have helped but some signings haven’t worked. There is some talent in the squad such as Lewis, Dagger, Milnes, Minchella etc but we are lightweight in the forwards and lightweight in defence as well. We do need more quality players in but who would be available that would want to come?

    It would help if the scouting network weren't always linked to Leeds. Both 1 club Maguire and 2 club Peacock don't help bring in players from different backgrounds. The academy kids at Leeds are likely to end up in the Championship if not successful with out of favour players on DR/Loan in the championship in case they need them. Although money talks recruitment policy has to be smarter. Big reputations are on the line on Thursday night to be fair possibly the biggest Derby where there isn't anything to play for other than pride. 

  19. Although a tough run in there isn't much option for anything else. If we extended this season by a couple of weeks there wouldn't be any off season before preseason starts for 2021. Alot of clubs have and are managing their squads and giving game time to the next generation or out of favour players alot of the time to plug the gaps but also for experience if we are going to take a plus out of the restart I think that has to be one of them the amount of players playing Super League this season that might not have if relegation was in the mix. 

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  20. When you look of the populations in Eastern Europe.Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova and Montenegro are below or around 3 million each which when you combine other sports you naturally struggle when you have a smaller population. The bigger populations or Russia, Serbia and Ukraine have a better chance

    I am surprised that more hasn't been done with Cyprus they have a natural "touring" teams with the Army and RAF that are based there. Larnaca especially where the British expats are based too seems to be the HQ for the national RL side. There was a big push in late 2011 to identify it but not alot has been seen since they wanted to play touring teams and Greece. In Larnaca they have a sporting club (AEK Larnaca) which covers a few different sports which wouldn't be a bad place to start under the banner of an existing setup like Red Star Belgrade etc. 


    40 minutes ago, Damien said:

    Maybe not but its worth it if it allows for recognition in countries where this is a barrier, access to funding and leads to development and interest in the full game. Its certainly better than the alternative which is nothing.


    50 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    9s just isn’t rugby league though, imho, just like 7s isn’t Union and 5 a side isn’t football. 

    For me it's down to who sanctions the sports "Sevens" or "Rugby 7s" is sanctioned by World Rugby who are the world governing body of Rugby Union. If 5 a side football is a local league then it's not football in the 11 aside sense however if its Futsal that is sanctioned by FIFA. 

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