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  1. After the Challenge Cup draw for me personally it's not the worse thing that could happen to lose that one away to London. We should play the youngest squad possible, rest the key players and regroup for 'Fax away where it sounds like we will have some numbers fans wise, a few back to choose from in the squad and hopefully better conditions, i.e. No wind as definitely got to be one of the best surfaces at Leigh in the comp.
  2. Urgent if anyone is planning to go to London on Sunday plan your journey very carefully. Engineering works and strike action this weekend on the tube https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-51573165
  3. For those not on Twitter or Facebook, we are delighted to announce the release of our new website which includes all the details about our meetings including dates and our Foundation Charity fundraising work. We have released for 2020 a new blog which will be updated regularly with news, updates and opinions. All at the below weblink HarrogateYorkKnights.com
  4. I don't quite understand the negative comments on twitter and social media that are coming about. Asking questions if we are good enough etc. At this stage of last season (2 league games played) we were nilled by Toronto at home and only just managed to beat Dewsbury away after a second half miracle comeback. Plenty of time to go, we should have taken at least one of the opportunities out wide but as comments mention Leigh were awesome in defence and also played some good attacking stuff with some good tries. It was a low score for a majority of the game too. We have played 2 of the best sides away already and for vast majority of them held our own. The bigger tests against the teams we expect to win or compete with are to come.
  5. Keighley did too before Cas took dual reg with them to establish their own reserve side.
  6. Which is one reason to knock it on the head and call it a day. A good idea in principle but not practical. One cup comp is enough
  7. The main problem I have is the picking and choosing of what comps you want to enter. Bradford ultimately last year played their under 19s which I don't blame them. It could become a reserves comp in theory especially being midweek. But if you win a couple of games in that and a couple in challenge cup you could have played 4 more times than Toulouse going into the playoffs. I think either everyone is in or scrap it
  8. Personally if they are serious with this comp I would scrap summer bash in turn of the last 16 being played over the weekend 4 games a day. I disagree with midweek fixtures so would have 2 other break weeks (quarters and semi final) extending the season at the end to compensate. Maybe with one of those weeks being magic weekend and swapping them around so you have last 16 at Blackpool, magic weekend the weekend after for super league with Quarters being played too at home venues for the clubs
  9. Any news on when the 1st round draw will be made. Looking at the fixture dates yet again it limits progress in both the challenge cup and 1895 as their isn't much scheduling available without causing a fixture backlog. Without sounding too negative we are already down to play a league game on a Wednesday night away at Dewsbury on 15th April with fixtures the Sundays either side. So the 1895 cup again is likely to be a midweek competition
  10. The good news is that the game is to be streamed by Our League with commentary also provided by the BBC York team the downside is the magic is taken away a little bit with the distance. But at least we get to test their facilties on that pitch before the league game in July
  11. https://yorkcityknights.com/foundation/1868-club/ Can i bring everyone's attention to this new initiative from the club. As a supporters group Harrogate York Knights have put us forward to pledge £150+ for the season with our offered hospitality tickets to be raffled off at a later date. Grouping together is a great way to bring down the costs where possible but still spread the great work.
  12. Hopefully they reconsider their ticket pricing structure which is currently at £25 per ticket!
  13. Looking forward to seeing you there John... Me you and Vicky on the roadtrip !
  14. Difficult one as to when they play it as not long (a week on Sunday) until the game. Usually they kick off at 1pm on a Sunday, with the turnaround time for fans not great as looking at trains from York only 2 services will get you there in time for kick off on the Sunday - 08:00 & 08:58 LNER services. Unless you venture to Leeds to go down which if coming from York not much point. See what they arrange but the union side Ealing Trailfinders who they groundshare with are playing at 3pm on the Saturday that weekend so unless they make it a double header 12pm kick off (possible) it will be the Sunday.
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