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  1. The biggest "threat" are often our biggest assets. Toronto have alot of cash and endless potential.Newcastle Thunder need promotion at least to the championship on the basis of the potential of North East Rugby League, you see what they are doing off field and the players coming through the academy. Alex Donaghy and Isaac Nokes in the England Academy squad, to put that into context in Championship and League 1 with only Bradford and Widnes (1 each) have players in there and several other Super League clubs aren't represented. Especially with the big focus with RLWC 2021 being in Newcastle they need to be there. Same can be said about Toulouse with what they are doing to progress the game
  2. Having experienced the "Canadian adventure" with visiting with my team York Knights in August I can only say it is a positive thing for the game. The whole experience is new they engage with fans in new and different ways and the potential is huge, not a right lot of competition as a summer league with other sports in the city. Congrats Wolfpack well deserved although we will still have the honour of being the first team to beat you in the league in 2017
  3. 1million% agree. I have never been a fan of John Kear but when he put out his under 19s and under for the 1895 cup game on a Wednesday night and followed it up in his post match conference saying that he can't expect his team to play 3 games in a week I totally agreed with him. I hope more teams that have the capacity play weakened squads
  4. I thought seating wise it was only 2,000, that was needed due to what London had to do for the start of this season regarding that temporary stand. Wakefield capacity is under 10K in any case and very similar to the size of Fev. Even Cas is under 12K capacity. If Fev do upset the odds their biggest challenge will be managing contracts to go full time in the time frame they have. I imagine they will sign at least 1 year full time to be able to compete. It would leave the Championship in an expansion heaven, Toronto, London and Toulouse all there but on the flip side would also mean those 3 being full time, which doesn't leave much room in the playoffs for the rest.
  5. If you wouldnt want to be tackled by a 100 KG guy or what have you wouldnt tag or touch rugby league be your thing? Trytagrugby.com or the Touch Rugby Leagues that are out there would accommodate and they are funded and linked to RFL as they play matches at Magic this is run separate is the Disability league usually played 7 a side mixed on a mid week
  6. Jon Flatman (Chairman) has a 3 year sustainability plan for the Championship which included 2019. He was very open with 2 meetings at the training ground pre and mid season as to the targets and how he wants to develop the club and was recently on BBC radio York explaining how the progress for amateur, women, University and schools rugby league in York is developing which he is keen to do. York are the only professional Rugby League side in North Yorkshire and with it being the biggest county by land area in England there are lots of areas to target to build the base from. The new stadium will be central to that and the young kids/students also key if York is to progress in years to come. As a club we have had an excellent season however I only see this as the very start of a long slog we may step backwards in terms of league position before we push on but bigger sponsors are interested in the prospect that is there. York Hilton next year who knows to follow
  7. Totally agree looking forward to a fantastic day and atmosphere, where 2 proper rugby league clubs provide value for money entertainment
  8. The 1st time that both York City FC (BBC red button/Sport website in FA Cup) and York City Knights (Sky) have been on main stream TV on the same day!! Have to admit getting a bit nervous for this one but in an excited way should be a sense of occasion about the game, looking forward to it! Either way we have had a great season and I for one will be clapping off the players regardless of the result !
  9. Totally agreed there, given the realistic distance between the 2, can be in RL heartlands (Toulouse, Perpignan etc) within 2 hours from the UK, with direct flights. If you are prepared to travel to Stansted you can travel to both for under £40 with no thrills/luggage. Which I did in April, to Toulouse and back in a day and stayed at the airport hotel in Stansted. I think club RL should be more integrated between France and England, pre/post-season tours, cup competitions and more clubs entering the league structure.
  10. York as a 1st team.... Haven't got a 2nd favourite team as such but do go to support NCL side York Acorn when they have big games or a home Challenge cup
  11. Its done by Eventbrite so you take the print out or save to the app and walk through the associated turnstile
  12. Too true but the same for York too. To get to the final whoever wins on Saturday have to go to Toronto and Toulouse its just the order that they go in
  13. So we are crystal clear. The winners of York vs Featherstone play the losers of Toronto vs Toulouse in either Canada or France depending on who loses (Semi-Final) with the winner of Toronto vs Toulouse going into the final. Final is played at the home of highest rank team of who is left. So York or Featherstone will always play away after this weekend.
  14. We are on Sky for this one hence the Saturday 3pm Kick off. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the below link or on turnstiles. Season tickets don't cover this one. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/york-city-knights-v-featherstone-rovers-play-off-semi-final-tickets-72867439473?utm_source=eventbrite&utm_medium=email&utm_content=follow_notification&utm_campaign=following_published_event&utm_term=York+City+Knights+V+Featherstone+Rovers+Play+Off+Semi+Final&aff=ebemoffollowpublishemail
  15. I suppose you could put Widnes in 8th depending when the predictions were done. But still quite amusing as to how far away they were with Bradford, Widnes and Halifax
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