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  1. They have rumoured for an Autumn tournament but haven't really explained what that would look like. It could be a 1895 style cup which I would be for, have a group stage, semi finals and final or something similar
  2. Rumours to be confirmed today that no promotion or relegation from Super League on that basis little point with the season contiunung with nothing to play for if behind closed doors.
  3. Yeah there is not sure of the name but definitely is
  4. Both Donny and Newcastle have huge potential if they can get fans to travel. Both are out of the city centre, within similar settings with both having good travel links and retail parks nearby. Go for a KFC/McDonalds and then to the game etc. Both have competition from similar sports, Soccer, Union and racing. Personally I havent been to Kingston Park for Union but have for Doncaster and other than the fact of the club shop being there you wouldn't really know about Rugby league at the Keepmoat. I think Doncaster can do more with the soccer club to promote it in the city however in Lockdown the "Dons4Life" scheme is a good idea basically a lottery.
  5. We should have been at home vs 'Fax today I want to wish John Boyes a happy birthday and hope you manage to have a good one
  6. They did come out with a statement distancing themselves from it and Rhodes Knights are in the Greek league system so be will be interesting
  7. However saying that there owner has said yesterday that he is now in control of all assets including the stadium with a view for improvement. I know a while back (2007) they were considering a similar approach in the sense of knocking down their kop and rebuilding without the posts however they got relegated from the Premier League so that didn't happen
  8. One of the games is already at Bramall Lane and that's a 32,000 capacity depending on the soccer opposition but not much more anyway. The problem with Bramall Lane is the Kop behind the sticks has 2 huge posts so you do get restricted view from most of it.
  9. This isn't a negative but if I entered this comp in a RFL sanctioned area which "Birmingham Jaguars" definitely are would you need to fill our the tour forms and get permission from the RFL? In Europe, club RL is sanctioned by the individual nations. But as a chairman of a club if I was like OK guys we are off to Madrid to play a pre-season friendly i know it would need sanctioning by the RFL but other than that there isn't the "UEFA" club structure of Rugby League that I can find.
  10. On a side note from full contact they also participate in a NRL Touch competition under the NZ Warriors which gets coverage on both Fox sports and Sky sports NZ and at several age grades and genders they compete in the "Trans-Tazman Test series " between Australia vs New Zealand in a 3 match test series.
  11. Currently Toulouse commitment to any RFL tournament other than the league is zero. If the conversations aren't had it has no chance of happening anyway
  12. Definitely might convince Toulouse to enter if they are guaranteed a "home tie" at Valencia
  13. Final has been scheduled for 13th March 2020 that weekend in 2020 was a Challenge Cup round (1st entry for Championship sides) it may shift next year however we are well into the domestic season in the Super League and RFL structure. If it was a challenge cup round and you could convince one of the teams to play their game in Valencia as a double header with the finals of the Euro 13s it might attract a decent crowd.
  14. It will mean that both semi finals next year one will have 50,000 and the other 60,000 will be a big weekend.
  15. Weekend has shifted back to Bank Holiday weekend again!
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