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  1. Ah right fair one suppose it doesn't matter in that case then
  2. It doesn't make it easy being on a Thursday evening or Saturday/Sunday afternoon better to play them Wednesday then if dual reg a player potentially could play in league 1/Championship for some time on the Sunday
  3. Thats a great shout to be fair it was very clear from York Knights 1st visit the football club weren't interested, as they cancelled the game on the day due to "too high wind to put the posts up" at 3:30pm but they played football on Tuesday night in worse conditions
  4. Or if the public of Harrogate would have it.... Harrogate Locomotives Red Shirts, Green shorts, Red Socks Harrogate Railway FC stadium Taylors of Harrogate Stanley Gene
  5. Scarborough Sealions All red Flamingo Land Stadium Flamingo Land! Billy Slater
  6. I would love a club in Whitby give us (York Knights) a proper North Yorkshire Derby match!
  7. There are alot out there if we are talking English Paul Sculthorpe fits the bill but not much coaching experience. Paul Wellens or Sean Long but my choice if the money can be put in would be Andy Farrell but would take some luring away from Ireland RU
  8. Totally agreed and would have been the early kick off game which most miss even if you aim to get there for 12pm you never do
  9. We went in August... As a tip from our time there. Ubers in general are quite expensive with the current exchange rate the train from the airport to downtown is the best. I flew Westjet from Gatwick similar standard to your budget airline like Jet2/AirTransat but no problems at all. On the way back flew Air Canada into Manchester. Westjet flight was £350 with Air Canada (more like BA) £425 but with decent connection times. I got a decent Airbnb for £150 for 3 nights the whole trip was under £1300 including food tickets etc for August and summer holidays I thought a decent price. Devine sports travel were quoting me £1350 for flights, ticket and hotel based on 2 sharing.
  10. Jamaica or USA has huge potential if they can market it right and develop the game. Heritage players for Jamaica mainly but with New York, Cali and Florida stuff going on at the minute could be massive for the USA in the not so distant future
  11. True, depending on freak weather but New York City could have been a viable option too.
  12. Personally as a York fan I am absolutely buzzing for this one. Huge congrats to Jon and the team for putting this together. Be interesting to see our opponent that day but either way will be great
  13. The more players they can get to play for them through heritage the stronger they will get similar to what happened with Tonga before the last WC with players "transferring " from New Zealand. Jamaica for me is genuinely the next big international team for the game. I hope the RLIF are sensible when it comes to team bases as if they can draw over 7,000 at Headingley for a one off match as they did, I would base them in Leeds to allow them to become a focal point for Jamaica RL. Get them in the schools etc as they do and work with the the Jamaican hertiage communities based there, you could easily inspire a generation.
  14. Hopefully a working link with the Broncos can be established and the players can get a pathway to the pro game too
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