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  1. Around 36-37C in York tomorrow, and probably around 33-34C at kick off. Hopefully the players are given plenty of water breaks.
  2. Well I'm pleased for you that it's yours. Maybe you could all chip in and get some new lightbulbs, instead of having a couple of lads in each corner holding a candle.
  3. Conditions are terrible, but Leigh have been awful haven't they. I mean, they were from the bits I've seen. My night vision goggles are on charge at the moment. This ground isn't fit for a school, let alone an outfit expecting promotion to the SL.
  4. I love how much everybody is underestimating York. We've got a very good team this year, and will certainly be better than last season. The top two (Leigh and Fev) will probably have too much, but there's no reason why we won't be challenging for 3rd.
  5. Well that's incorrect. York is considerably bigger than Wakefield. There's probably less than 100k living in Wakefield, whereas York has 200k+. The Wakefield area is bigger, but that includes other towns that aren't actually part of the Wakefield urban area. It's exactly the same with places like Doncaster and Leeds.
  6. I'm glad we live in a compact City. Like you say it's easy to walk around, although I wouldn't fancy walking from Acomb to Monks Cross! Acomb to Heslington is about 4 miles, so if you're doing that in half an hour, you're a hell of a walker! I've lived all over the country when I was in the Forces. York is bigger than Portsmouth, Brighton, Exeter, Oxford, Cambridge to name a few cities I've lived in and around. Norwich is about the same size. Historical cities are generally very compact, and easy to get around. We don't have the big industrial areas that other cities have, that have wasteland that sprawls for miles. There's so much potential here for a big successful club, especially with the amount of young fans we have now. I see a lot more people in Knights shirts than any other RL shirt, which wouldn't have been the case even two or three years ago. The club connects so well with it's support in the region, as well as constantly trying to attract new support. Everything is about growing the game here, and to see the amount of people getting onboard with it is amazing to see. The first time I saw York play was at Huntington Stadium in around 2001. I was 14, we got battered by Workington, and the attendance was around 250, and about 100 of them were Workington fans. Plenty of ups and downs since then of course, but nothing comes close to the up we're on now! Long may it continue. Rambled on a bit there, apologies. Up tha Super League Kneets!
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