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  1. I believe all contacts have been ended, resulting in players going elsewhere? Interesting to see what plan they have for next season with no contracts ?
  2. Awful, awful, awful! Feel sorry for the players that want it ( there's very few). 82-0.. painful absolutely painful! I'm not going to slate players on here like some do. I know some read it. I mean, they put their bodies on the line. However, some are just not good enough, not even good enough for League One. Makes me worried for next year. Who is going to stay? Who is going to go? Not heard much on that front except young Brandon Wood off to Swinton. Needs to be big changes next year by Calland and Larder and with all due respect, taking Mayfield players just isn't going to cut it.
  3. ... and who can blame him eh? Hornets played poor. Probably the worst I've seen them play in a while. Ball never gets passed out wide, so the centres and wingers never get a shot. Defense is shocking. Makes you wonder what these lads are actually doing at training. It's only a matter of time before players start making their announcements they are leaving. Pay as you play next year?? Why would they choose to stay!
  4. I just love the positive outlook
  5. https://www.hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/article/53256/update-from-the-board‬
  6. I agree and I think a lot of other RL fans also 'wonder' why too. However, you can not deny there are good players in the squad, whether that be experienced or talented players. I think there will be quite a few leaving this season and unfortunately I think it will be the ones that we need to stay.
  7. If he was playing centre then he kept his line. Doing exactly what he should have done and not being sucked into the inside and keeping to his left. Ive looked at that video again and to me he is going for Adam O'Brien and the lads on the inside seem to stop . There's around 2/3 seen running towards Chase Stanley on the inside then pull up. Definitely, not looking disinterested, he was clearly doing what his position is supposed to do. regardless of your opinion (which I think lacks RL knowlege), you cannot denied what that lad, at 18 years old has achieved this season. Same goes for young Callum Marriot. Has had a great season since joining us. Infact, I could list a few players who have done great this year.
  8. Great experience for the lads. 12-0 at half time got me a little excited to say the least. Final score still wasnt as bad as I expected either.
  9. Tragic news. RIP lad Thoughts to family, friends, players, coaches and fans.
  10. Yes! Hes a strong player. Played every game so far this year. Makes an big impact and can run the ball like a prop while having great agility as a winger/centre. Gutted if it's true. Him and Sean Ainscough have been outstanding this year. Both players of the year for me.
  11. Great second half. Well done to all the lads that dug deep today. As for next week, I guess it's all about the experience.
  12. So: - who do we want to stay - who do we think will stay - who do we want brought in Just a few questions thrown about to get the chat going. I know people will have mixed views. Will be interesting to see
  13. Never going to happen
  14. Absolutely agree. I think we will lose quite a few players next season. There's some talented ones on that squad, who will no way want to go down to League One. The excuses just keep rolling, week in, week out. I've heard all sorts from players too unfit, the squad is too young, players not good enough. Just far too many excuses for me. Really feel for the players who give it 100% must be an awful atmosphere getting hammered every week. No good for team moral at all. 50 players today have played this season. Shocking, and again, no good for moral! Sad state of affairs I think.
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