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  1. Brandon Wood and Shaun Ainscough for me
  2. Yes, that's what the Football Club have said. So Hornets game will go ahead. All good!
  3. https://www.rochdaleafc.co.uk/news/2019/july/blackburn-game-announcement/ It will be at Crown Oil Arena
  4. Never going to happen not a chance
  5. A committee run Mayfield not 1 person.
  6. He back tracked yesterday at Mayfield. I was also there. He had no alternative but to apologise. Anyway, close your door on the way out
  7. I agree. Great hospitality from Mayfield. I've watched the open age up there on a Saturday and it's a great atmosphere. Sunday mornings are also great with all the youth games on. Very good family centred club, let's not forget, the youth section there is top notch. Worth a visit definitely.
  8. To be fair, I'd wait until I got to Mayfield
  9. Shows what kind of 'Chairman' he is, ranting on Social Media. Quite embarrassing for Swinton I think, not to mention very unprofessional. I bet if you asked the players on both teams what they want, the answer will be to play it. I've always said theres too many big dogs and political nonsense involved in this sport that is spoiling it. Looking forward to the game tomorrow
  10. I'm looking forward to watching a game of good rugby league, glad it's been kept in Rochdale. The pitch at Mayfield is a great pitch. I'm not sure what the issues are ? Its grass and there will be a game of rugby on it. Stop it with all the political nonsense. Take it elsewhere. I'm interested in the game of rugby league. Will be good to see the likes of Brandon Wood, Callum Marriott, Zac Baker, Aiden Gleeson and Matty Ashton playing at the club they came from. Most of them there, coming from the youth. Que Sera Sera
  11. Sub Standard ?? Let's keep it factual now
  12. Here, here!! Good luck to the lads
  13. Gavin, hand on heart, I've never read so much drivel as I have recently on this forum. You seem to post sensible comments as do a few others. HOWEVER, there's the same old few that just drone on and on and on. Can't bare to keep reading it. It's driving me potty. I mean, things aren't difficult to know what's going on. So why oh why, do people like to make a drama out of everything. I know players read this forum and over the past months, certain players have been cremated on here from so called fans. Its vile!!!! and those "fans" should be ashamed of themselves. Like I said earlier, those whinging posts are getting boring!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. I honestly cant bring myself to read the amount of negative tripe coming from supporters on the forum. Honestly, reading through this forum, everyone moans and whinges. Seriously this has been coming for months!!!! I don't understand why, week after week, people are still whining about the mess Matt was left with. The players dont particularly like playing and losing. I'm sure they also dont like being slated on Social Media off so called fans. Seriously, we knew this was going to happen. Players have left because they have requested to go. Come on, use your common sense. This forum is getting boring. Same people, saying the same thing, weekly!!! Dreadful! Go and moan elsewhere. I'm here to support the players and the club no matter what!
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