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  1. I believe Fowden, Connaughton, Declan Sheridan up to now.
  2. Well they need to hurry up because at this rate the name change will be Rochdale Mayfield Hornets
  3. Very true. However, if Hornets keep taking their players then what's going to happen to Mayfield. 4 players last season, now another 3/4. Hornets is like Mayfield with couple of randoms thrown in. At least try and build up a connection with the amatuer club before taking half their squad.
  4. Yes, I believe a meeting with the 'Board' is happening this week, then the members. Let's wait and see
  5. So, heard from a reliable source that Andy Mazey is looking to take over at Hornets. What's everyone's thoughts? Surely a good thing?
  6. If I'm not mistaken, Brogan, Digby and Wood all play for England 19s in the European Championships. 3 very good young players there
  7. So, correct me if I'm wrong... someone is blaming 24 people for this actual mess? I've only been about a couple if years and dont really engage in the political side of things. I like to watch the game and go home. I'm finding this 'she said, he said' rather ridiculous. It's a very sad state of affairs. What a shame !
  8. What's happened to Matt?
  9. Any feedback from the meeting ?
  10. I tell you what, that club doesn't half produced some great players over this recent couple of years. What they're doing up there with those kids is great. Even better when the young ones see lads like Matty Lee's making it to the top gives them something to aim for. Great set up I'd say. Well done to all involved. Keeping the great game alive
  11. Shaun Ainscough Player of the Year Zack Baker Young Player of the Year Brandon Wood Top Try Scorer
  12. So what happened to the players attending 8 players turned up? Also, can't understand for the life of me why young Brandon did not get an award for Young Player or Player of the Year. No mentions of any sponsors either! Sad state of affairs.
  13. Awful, awful, awful! Feel sorry for the players that want it ( there's very few). 82-0.. painful absolutely painful! I'm not going to slate players on here like some do. I know some read it. I mean, they put their bodies on the line. However, some are just not good enough, not even good enough for League One. Makes me worried for next year. Who is going to stay? Who is going to go? Not heard much on that front except young Brandon Wood off to Swinton. Needs to be big changes next year by Calland and Larder and with all due respect, taking Mayfield players just isn't going to cut it.
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