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  1. Non payment and contract issues I heard, not only for them but several players from last season ?
  2. Nothing surprises me when it comes to that Football ground and the decisions they make. Will be the same all season. I believe we have to play at least 3 of our games elsewhere this year, while they do essential maintainance or something to that effect. Can you really say you was surprised?
  3. Social media thing? He battered his partner and was found guilty in court.
  4. Might be a good player but not wanted with a history like his. Plenty of other players out there.
  5. Interesting but not surprising
  6. Did everyone get a run out today? Listened to it on Roch Valley Radio. Sounded a great effort. Any of the trial lads stand out ?
  7. Munya, Big G and Patrick ? ?
  8. Another two Mayfield players I believe.
  9. Does anyone know if we are still using Mayfield's ground for a few of the home games next season, due to the football resurfacing the pitch? I know there was talk a fre months ago. Not heard anything since ?.
  10. Some "more" Mayfield players ?
  11. Just noticed on Twitter Ainscough has signed again. That's a good one to have. Great player.
  12. Has Ainscough signed again? Not heard anything regarding him?
  13. Half of Mayfield and the rest are Calland's friends and family. ?
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