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  1. Rugby League is just a frustrating sport to support. From top to the bottom its run by the wrong kind of people, who are generally running their little corner for selfish reasons. The game needs a Root and Branch review, followed by action. There are many ways the sport could go, many ways we could both improve the product and improve the match day experience. But watching SL now is less entertaining and less of a spectacle than it was 10 years ago. There is no drive in the sport, not from the clubs, not from the SL and not from the RFL. The SL is littered with clubs that do no
  2. I have been involved in the Amateur game for 10 years now as a coach and volunteer, which makes me relatively new. But from my experience the RFL exists to pay good wages to a few people who constantly feel the need to make changes to prove their worth. Regardless of the damage it may do to the game. I would really like to know what the RFL is going to do with the funds this generates, and what return the Amateur leagues will get from this. Because now when we sign new players they will not only need to pay a monthly fee for playing, which can cost in excess of £300 a year at
  3. I dont agree with this, regardless of the amount they are asking. The NWC Junior Leagues response to this has not been positive and i imagine it is going to come up against opposition from the strongest of the countries junior leagues.
  4. That Widnes performance was about as poor as i can remember. Dewsbury just ran hard, completed and put in a decent kick. Widnes completed what, 4 sets all match? Given what we have seen of Widnes so far this season then more trips to south Wales may well be in the offing.
  5. I like the way York work as a club and have built this squad up over the last few years. But its a very workmanlike team and lacks the kind of creativity you need to break a solid defence down.
  6. Widnes have not been impressive so far this season. Last weeks 2nd half performance certainly does not fill me with confidence for this game. Salford to win by 30 or so.
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