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  1. Hopefully the Leutele thing doesn't actually happen. I haven't seen a story that says its a done deal. Happy to be shown otherwise. Curious to see what they do with the money saved on Wheeler. Any idea how much room they've created?
  2. Its a long season, but its all about finishing 11th at this point. The WP style of play is way more suited to playing in dry conditions and the Lamport advantage will be worth a lot. Still, its a worry that they don't have a win yet. Hull KR is the enemy now. We need to beat them every time out, snag other victories where we can and finish 11th. I watched Hull KR Thursday night and they were awful.. Castleford walked through them on numerous occasions.
  3. What are the rules surrounding the signing of players from union that then don't count against the cap in year 1? Do these deals have to be multi-year deals and the cap relief only applies in year 1 of the deal? Or can they be one-year deals? In that case, I assume that they then don't count against the cap but also don't require the club to have them beyond year 1 when the cap relief no longer applies? If one year deals are allowed, what would stop a well-funded club like Toronto signing union players with league experience to deals for just this year and fill out their roster without exceeding the cap?
  4. The roster crunch has arrived earlier than expected for the Wolfpack. It was always going to happen I think. I do like what I saw last night against Wigan though. No one wants to start the season 0-3 and have all the roster and salary cap issues swirling around them that the Wolfpack do. However, they have improved in each of the 3 games and there is some adjustment going on to the speed and skill of super league. The focus (and expectations of fans) just has to be to try and finish 11th or higher. Anything else is gravy. All they have to do is finish above a Hull KR or a Wakefield. Beat those sorts of teams and don't get smashed by bigger teams and they'll be right. In terms of the roster, they can fill it out with Rugby guys who have league experience who don't count against the cap. Surely they've spent the off-season stockpiling a list of guys who fit that bill and can call on them if things get dire as they now appear to be. I expect to see a signing or 2 announced in the next week or 2 as they struggle to get everyone back from injury, childbirth, visa issues, etc. This season, Wolfpack fans will have to make the adjustment from enjoying the constant winning to enjoying the small victories on the road to surviving relegation. I found the Gaz O'Brien benching curious. I like everything Brian Mac has done this season except that decision...
  5. There was some good and bad. The good: The first 5-10 minutes when they scored the first try and were building pressure towards another try, only for the ball to go to ground and be run back the other way for a Castleford try. The 2nd half effort - game could have really gotten away from them after the first half. The ball movement looked sharp at times Good games overall from some players. Miloudi made some errors but looked pretty good otherwise - made some nice plays. Sidlow, Dixon and Singleton were solid. Wallace played well, especially being that he was out of position at fullback Not a terrible result given that Tigers are a good team and we were not close to full strength. Sets them up for a more focused crack at Salford next week. No apparent injuries? The bad: The defence in the first half was well off the pace. They had no line speed in defense, especially off their own line, allowing some soft tries. At times the Tigers looked like they'd score on every possession. The lack of line speed meant that the Tigers forwards made the advantage line every time and often made lots of post-contact metres and stood in tackles rather than ending up on their backs. Tigers made good ground each set compared to the Wolfpack who lacked go-forward from hard running big men. It left the Wolfpack without the platform to let their creative players go to work, leading to attempts to force plays that weren't on. Tons of handling errors - especially passes behind the runner. Also some silly penalties. The handling will improve in time as combinations gel. All the errors meant that they never built any sustained pressure or maintained any territory advantage. Not enough involvement from players like Russell, Kay, Leutele and others running out of dummy half. These guys didn't seem to make an impact until the 2nd half.
  6. Just paid the same amount with Cogeco. Its not cheap but when the NRL season comes around, they will play many NRL games on Sportsnet world too so I wont bother with watchnrl.com subscription. That eases the $20 a month pain. Also looking forward to seeing other super league games that dont involve toronto. Ive been waiting patiently for some exciting broadcast announcement from the Wolfpack but doesn't look like its coming. Guess it'll be the radio for non-sky games..
  7. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/leeds-rhinos-forward-brad-singleton-set-toronto-wolfpack-switch-919710
  8. Unreal... As an Australian (who has lived in Toronto area for 15 years) who grew up playing and watching Rugby League for years, this past week has been like Christmas morning. Since Tuesday: A new super league schedule bringing super league teams to Toronto.. Sonny Bill Williams signs with the Wolfpack and Australian Kangaroos possibly coming to visit next year. It is unreal.
  9. I love this move. Sonny Bill may not be what he once was but the move makes total sense for the Wolfpack in the early days of their existence. He's still a damn good player for Super League even if he wouldn't be quite the star he was at NRL level. His offloading ability is going to tear defences open regularly. Giving him a stake in the club also motivates him to play hard and be invested in the long term financial success of the club. He will be keen to make the whole thing as successful on the field and off it, as he can. It hopefully avoids any notion of him cashing in late in his career and mailing it in on the field. Any doubters saying that he isn't worth the money are ignoring the fact that it doesn't really matter whether he's earning 175,000 a year, 2.5 mill a year or for that matter 10 mill a year. It only counts for 175,000 against the cap and the rest is David Argyle's money he is choosing to spend. As a fan, that money doesn't cost me a dime.
  10. Wow! Looks like this is happening!
  11. Miloudi was a beast today. They could barely contain him every time he touched the ball. BTW, in the 2nd half, McCrone and Brierley were both sin-binned but I missed the incident that led to them being sat down for 10 mins. Did they get into a fight? There was plenty of that today. Ashton Sims and Jake Emmitt got into it in the first half but I saw them chatting together happily at the end of the game. I guess we now play the winner of Toulouse and York
  12. I was impressed with Toulouse. The Wolfpack played pretty well but Toulouse aimed up and kept it competitive even without Johnathan Ford and Mark Kheirallah. They are the biggest threat to the Pack going up this season and they wouldnt be pushovers in a Lamport Stadium Grand Final if it comes to that.
  13. Solid win today. Russell and Kay seemed to take the first 2 plays every time, with quick play the balls. Then the forwards could roll on the back of that through the rest of the set. Sidlow was a beast today. Wolfpack seem to be going about it really clinically so far this year. They are a cut above everyone else. More so than last season. The last 2 weeks against Toulouse and now Sheffield (2nd and 3rd on the ladder) have shown how far ahead of everyone else they are this time around.
  14. According to the Wolfpack twitter feed, the opener is nearly sold out.
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