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  1. Miloudi was a beast today. They could barely contain him every time he touched the ball. BTW, in the 2nd half, McCrone and Brierley were both sin-binned but I missed the incident that led to them being sat down for 10 mins. Did they get into a fight? There was plenty of that today. Ashton Sims and Jake Emmitt got into it in the first half but I saw them chatting together happily at the end of the game. I guess we now play the winner of Toulouse and York
  2. I was impressed with Toulouse. The Wolfpack played pretty well but Toulouse aimed up and kept it competitive even without Johnathan Ford and Mark Kheirallah. They are the biggest threat to the Pack going up this season and they wouldnt be pushovers in a Lamport Stadium Grand Final if it comes to that.
  3. Solid win today. Russell and Kay seemed to take the first 2 plays every time, with quick play the balls. Then the forwards could roll on the back of that through the rest of the set. Sidlow was a beast today. Wolfpack seem to be going about it really clinically so far this year. They are a cut above everyone else. More so than last season. The last 2 weeks against Toulouse and now Sheffield (2nd and 3rd on the ladder) have shown how far ahead of everyone else they are this time around.
  4. According to the Wolfpack twitter feed, the opener is nearly sold out.
  5. Miloudi looked good in his first game against Sheffield. Looks kind of like a Matty Russell. Powerful runner with low centre of gravity and good footwork. He had some very Matty Russell like runs out of Toronto's own end early in the tackle count.
  6. I believe New River Stadium is a 4G pitch, meaning that the Wolfpack's expansive attack won't get bogged down in the mud as it has been at times this season. I'm tipping a strong Wolfpack victory.
  7. I thought they played pretty well. They had good shape in attack and looked pretty clinical with some of their plays in the first half. Defence was more or less fine. First Batley try was created by an offside call leaving a gap which Batley took advantage of and their second try was an enthusiastic effort from them. Its no longer surprising that supposedly lesser teams bring an inspired effort against the Wolfpack. Its a TV game, giving players the chance to impress and being the bigger budget favourites in the championship, the Wolfpack get everyone's best shot each time they play.
  8. Hey guys, Im new here but have been following the Wolfpack since the start and grew up watching and playing Rugby League in New South Wales where I was born and raised. Decided to dive in and comment on Brierley because its a situation I find puzzling. I understand Brierley is a defensive liability and McCrone is not, but I feel like Brierley should be out there on the right side of the attack. Last year, his kicking game and creativity carried the Wolfpack in several games and Im certain the Pack would have won the MPG if he had played. I'll never forget being at the MPG and seeing McCrone late in the game, kick on the second tackle, straight into the arms of the Broncos left winger just as the Pack were finally building some pressure. In the NRL, McCrone was always noted for his lack of creativity and his kicking game this year has been poor in my opinion. This week's game against Dewsbury was a perfect example of the attacking ability Brierley has. He comes into the game in the 2nd half with the Wolfpack down 17-4 and headed for a disappointing loss. He scores on a grubber kick into the in-goal and then delivers a beautiful pass for the winning try which he held up perfectly to commit a defender to the lead runner, allowing O'Brien to score and the Pack to escape with an otherwise uninspiring win. The left side of the attack looks deadly with Ricky and Matty playing outside the beautiful left foot step of Wallace. Let Brierley roam on the right and McCrone can do his work out of dummy half as he was until Beswick came back. Sorry for the rant, but am I the only one who sees it this way?
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