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  1. 9 hours ago, GeordieSaint said:

    Thank you - some very interesting points. 

    When Norman is playing, who makes way? Gigot to centre perhaps? Or Ashall-Bott to the wing with Gigot at full back? Might look something like this:

    1. Gigot 2. Ashall-Bott 3. Hankinson 4. Jussaume 5. Macron 6. Norman  7. Albert

    They also need to get Garbutt fit - him alongside Alvaro, Sangare, Puech, Springer et al has some depth and strength to it.

    Peyrou, Paolo, norman, schaumkel,armitage,belmas. All are back soon from injuries 

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  2. 23 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    Looks like a desperate throw of the dice by Toulouse, signing someone who was retired and will be well off the pace for some time, at a point where they desperately need to win games very soon to stay in touch with Wakefield and Salford, currently on six points.

    Dont you have a club to support. Every word you say show that you dont like toulouse. Boring 

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  3. 40 minutes ago, DimmestStar said:

    Toulouse had everything going for them here. They have been having weeks off whilst everyone else was in the challenge cup and they had the benefit of a Thursday game whilst Rovers were in a full blooded derby on the Friday.

    Travelling to France almost straight after the Good Friday derby was the short straw for Rovers so to come back from 18-4 with plenty of absentees is a great result.

    Exept their 10 injuries maybe….

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  4. 2 hours ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    One of the best things about the Dragons is the VIP my wife has 6 passes per match as part of the sponsorship which gives us reserved seats all season pre match drinks and a before or after match gourmet dinner with cava wine and water guest speakers etc.On average there are 400 at this with another 100 in lounge seats nearby + upstairs 300 and the brasserie around 200 all up 800/1000 on a match day .

    Today we bought 3 more VIP tickets for Thursday for friends in Cahors which were 200 euros each + VAT do the maths its cheaper upstairs and in the brasserie however the Dragons match day VIP brings the club in between 125/150000 euros which is incredible i remember being back at St Esteve when it was a 20 euro buffet:) and all the profit goes to the club the entire thing is wonderful and brilliantly run not to mention throughly enjoyable.

    Hats off to the club i can only see maybe Leeds anywhere near these numbers.







    Meet you there then… 

  5. 1 hour ago, StandOffHalf said:

    I was kind of bemused that Houles appeared so resigned immediately to the fact that he wouldn't play for them again.

    It makes me wonder about things behind the scene there, and how the club is run.

    Everything should have been done to keep both Kheirallah and Ford on the books and feeling wanted - even if that meant they couldn't play for a part of the season.

    Just from what I've seen and read, I don't feel the club and Houles look all that good.

    MK lie To the club with a false pass . Under police investigation at the moment.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    I expect they will have chased Maloney but he must be happily semi retired playing in the French Elite 1.

    I’m sure Toulouse will bring a player in from the NRL but few players are available and even when a deal is done visas etc then need to go through  (or 2 if Kheirallah leaves and frees up another quota spot) 

    Marcon, springer, hansen, belmas, peyroux ashall, shaumkel,  are soon back in the game. 

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