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  1. Does anyone have a contact e-mail address or phone number for huddersfieldrlheritage – their contact form won’t load & I can’t find a number? Thanks;
  2. Thanks again for that information. I have subscribed to the BNA for many years now- I’m just attempting to save much time searching out all the required results- if they’ve previously been compiled elsewhere- in annuals, reference books etc. So, Huddersfield Heritage had crossed my mind, & though I’ve not had any previous contact with them, if they keep a collection of annuals, it will be worth doing so. Tony Collins had also crossed my mind. What are Irvin Sexton’s rugby league histories- I’ve searched but cannot find anything? Thanks;
  3. Kev, I believe you’re referring to the Yorkshire & Lancashire first team competitions, while I’m referring to the Yorkshire & Lancashire Senior Competition- reserve/second grade leagues. The Yorkshire & Lancashire Senior Competitions ceased being premier league tournaments at the end of season 1900/01, eventually becoming reserve/second grade leagues. In which year did these reserve leagues begin, & are results/tables for these leagues available- elsewhere, saving me weeks scouring newspaper archives? However, I’m more interested with ‘Second Competitions’ which were developed for lower ranking, provisional, suburban teams- the aforementioned Bowling club of Bradford being one such. To complicate matters, these ‘Second Competitions’ appear to have been split into various east & west divisions- probably within Yorks, Lancs. & elsewhere, while individual towns & cities also had ‘Second Competitions’ – all a bit confusing. Second Competitions were effectively- level three- behind the first class clubs & their reserve teams. However, while newspapers archives contain many of the results, I thought a statistician/historian may have already compiled them, saving much time.
  4. Thanks again; I did pose my question on that Facebook page last week, but in receiving little response, decided to place on here also. GW.
  5. Thanks for that; when browsing this forum a couple of years ago I came across this page/thread– http://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/forum/341-the-general-rugby-league-forum/&page=353 Having no need to use the forum until now, I google-d TRL History Thread again- & found it once more. I attempted to place my post on that thread, but somehow it ended up on a main board. I assume the History Thread must be among those 353 pages. I just cannot understand why my post didn’t go to that history thread- must have done something wrong. G
  6. I've just joined this forum & clearly having problems. Can someone please tell me how to delete the above post- while placing it in the correct 'Rugby History Thread' - which I'm struggling to find? Thanks;
  7. Request for Information- I feel sure this may well have been previously discussed, but to save hours searching- when the NRU returned to one division for season 1901/02- together with separate Yorks/Lancs Senior Competitions, following the addition of a Second Division in 1902/03, when were the Senior Competitions re-established – presumably as reserve leagues? While thumbing through some newspaper archives last year, I became aware of the ‘second competitions’ – which included the short lived NRU Bradford based Bowling club, who appear to have disbanded c1900. Do any members know which year these second competitions were established- & discontinued, & if any results &/or league tables have been compiled over time? If records exist, it will save much scrolling through newspaper archive. Thanks in advance.
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