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  1. My guess is the team will take take the field in 2022 but will not do well attendance wise and will announce they will be looking at other cities to move to.
  2. Ottawa is not dull however the city does a really bad job at marketing the city many people have no idea what the city has people learn what the city has and fall in love with it.One of the biggest attraction is the festivals and country fairs then you have typical attractions like museums and arts stuff.
  3. Ottawa on its own is well over a million now also don't forget Ottawa has a huge embassy work force that does not count as part of the offical population.
  4. Many of the players and staff are in Canada and have been for a while.
  5. You really think a Canadian would head to the UK and take far fare less money.
  6. Just to add to that one of the player with the Cfl team had a offer in the NFL that would have paid him millions he opted to stay in Otatwa close to home making $100,000.
  7. For some its not all about the money it means more to play at home near family.
  8. Might be Canadians coming back home to play.
  9. There in a real tight spot with the CFL yes there would be some black lash if they help them out but there will be back lash if they don't and with 3 public owned teams Edmonton/Winnipeg/Sask that makes it that more complex.
  10. The CFL has asked for 30 million aid package now and up to 150 million if the season is cancelled the CPL has asked for a 15 million package now that they will re pay over time its expected other Canadian leagues could request aid packages as well.
  11. The Argos should do better but with that said there attendance is not as bad as some think.
  12. The CFL is not minor league in any sense both league were neck and neck in avg attendance.
  13. The National Hockey League is looking starting in June having teams play the rest of there games at the division leader then play offs would be in July then Aug/Sept off and the new season would start late Oct.Maybe the RFL could do something along those lines season starts in June end in Nov new season starts abit later then normal.
  14. In Ottawa i am not sure if they will be able to compete for elite talent as the CFl team does pay big money for elite players one exzample there new quarter back there paying close to $500,000 per season.
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