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  1. Yes that makes more sense but still $300,000 for 20 players is really not that bad.
  2. I misread it point is pay in the CFL is not great and there asking for a 20% pay cut.
  3. The avg salary in the CFL is $80,000 so if it the avg in the NARL is $300,000 the CFL could have a major issue.
  4. I could see the league be very appealing to some CFL players current and former.
  5. I hope they add a couple western teams for 2022 you don't want to have the east at 8 teams and west at 6 teams.
  6. As for the Canada Cup i would like to see it a best of 5 and not just a 2 game set.
  7. If a group came out and said were going to compete with the Sl and other top leagues sure people would take issues.But this league has not said that there saying there going to be North Americas 1st pro league.
  8. For this year no but next year they should have a full size staff.
  9. Same with Canada it will be easy to attract players to come for a few months.
  10. My guess East Toronto Ottawa Montreal West Calgary Vancouver Victoria
  11. In some good news Canada has given the green light to rapid Covid tests meaning this should make it possible for both Toronto and Ottawa to have home games next year.
  12. It would not shock me if the SL goes with a bubble season 11 or 12 teams in one location.
  13. What if TWP are told no they leave and along with Ottawa and New York they form a new North American-UK league.
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