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  1. So would you perfer the league to contract Super league 6 teams Championship 8 teams League 1 10 teams
  2. To be clear it effects those who are older or have other medical issues far worse then a cold.
  3. Saving the RFL season will not be hard maybe you have less game and less teams make the play offs for league like the NHL or NBA it would near impossible to save the season.
  4. Ontario is banning events larger then 250 so thats it for the TWP.
  5. North American Leagues Suspending NHL NBA MLB MLS USL NLL NCAA CHL (OHL,QMJHL,WHL)
  6. It would not shock me if Canada takes some extreme steps in the next 24 hours much like were seeing in Italy.
  7. A league with 6-8 teams would be a good start.
  8. Canada has seen a big spike in the last 48 hours there have been about 40 new cases.
  9. Many expect the NHL to suspend the season for at least 60 days.
  10. Ontario now has 41 also Ottawa and Toronto are setting up special centres so hospitals are not over loaded.
  11. There is now a push in Canada to follow the lead of Italy and more or less close down.
  12. Maybe in that sense but you don't here people talk about there leagues as much as they do in Ontario or Quebec.
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