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  1. As with the CFL many years ago they did have a American division and there was even talk of them going to Mexico City.
  2. I think Rogers and bell would pay massive money for tv rightS if Toronto and Otatwa were in the SL.
  3. Same with the Leafs and Raps people would perfer if they would go away.
  4. Many AHL teams offer great ticket prices making it much cheaper then the NHL I also know some NHL teams offer 2-1 season tickets by NHL season tickets get free AHL tickets.
  5. The NHL/NBA/MLB only use charters MLS has a rule only a set amount of times each team can use charters.
  6. Ontario has lost to much money due to lost tourism and events they can not afford another summer of no pro sports or festivals with that said i think pro teams will be allowed to travel only on charters.
  7. I think it would make most sense for TWP and Ottawa to be in league 1 or championship for a few reasons 1)Both can share travel costs and base out of the same city in the UK 2)Both can split the cost of bringing teams from Europe 3)They both could build a really good rival being in the same league.
  8. I just want to clear something up Ottawa by no means is a conservative city its a very left leaning city maybe even more then Toronto at this point.
  9. Or spend the next few years and create a North American conference Ottawa Toronto 3rd Ontario team New York Montreal Vancouver Boston Chicago Miami Mexico City
  10. The min salary is $50,000 which is still a good pay.
  11. For North America there saying Jan-March of 2021 in Europe i have seen some reports it could be the following year.
  12. i just want to add on this whole Cfl is minor league Avg salary of minor league players $15,000 Avg salary of Cfl player $85,000
  13. Youl could say the same about the NHl then many players get cut from the Russian KHL and head to the NHL.
  14. I don't see them folding now do they mayeb try and start a new North American League maybe.
  15. I also don't think New York will be a TWP team if they get off the ground Ottawa might be more worried they could be a nightmare and with that have bad press and it could effect Otatwa to a degree.
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