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  1. Leigh have signed Kevin Brown til the end of the season
  2. Thought it was a poor game quality wise but exciting because of the way the last 10 mins went. Lots of disappointing performances from Fev and for Carr not to use Jones when it was clear King was struggling is baffling to say the least. No doubt Chisholm will get all the glory for the winning drop goal but he was pretty anonymous up to that point. Still a wins a win.
  3. Having watched this game and the Leeds game last night I’m astonished Briscoe and Goulding are not in the Leeds team
  4. Chisholm, King and Wheeldon all injured I believe. We won there last season with 14 players if memory serves me. Not sure that will happen this season but you never know.
  5. On his day he’s unplayable. Let’s hope he doesn’t revert to type.
  6. Can’t agree with that. Whilst Puara was very good King for me was our best player. Certainly didn’t deserve losing pay. As for the rest Wheeldon and Locky were workhorses in defence but the backs in general let us down yesterday. Overplaying the speed sets is our biggest downfall at the minute and has caused us problems in the last three games now. Also the bench didn’t provide much impact.
  7. Don’t expect them to win their semi, but only the RFL could arrange a competition with such obvious flaws in it.
  8. Another great result. Points difference is now phenomenal. At 10-4 I thought we looked vulnerable as Bradford pressed us hard. But once we went 2 scores up I think they threw in the towel somewhat and we punished them in clinical fashion. I still think we overplay the speed sets particularly early in the game, but we are starting games strong now and we seem to be finishing them in style. Interesting second half of the season awaits us.
  9. 3 months I’m hearing
  10. 1 Harrison (could be devastating on the edges) 2 Holmes 3 Golding
  11. We played well against one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen for many a year. Rochdale were truly awful. Holmes showed touches of class but he also put the ball to ground on a few occasions. We scored some nice tries and looked good at times. The forwards were hungry, which was probably because we were getting over the advantage line with such ease. A nice win and good for the points difference, but much tougher tests lie ahead.
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