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  1. gutted Barrow didnt get the nod.Newcastle will need a miracle to stay up,the championship is ultra competitive.Haven realised this in the few games they played and have brought over some aussies + mcnally.Thunder will have to do likewise to stand any chance . Its been 10 years since they were last promoted.deffo more difficult nowadays.if duel reg is no more anything could happen,some will benefit others not.good luck anyways.
  2. good luck,hope you go up.knocking on the door for ages and a well run club i.m.o.it should not be about expansion at all costs,id rather it was on merit.i am also hoping Barrow go up .wee can but dream!
  3. as your a madrid dwelling shropshire bull do you envisage any matadors will be attending thunder home games?
  4. aye they were a whisker away ? they did not go up automatically,failed in the play offs and they have no coach.think someone said they have 10 players signed on.(according to the workington forum),I can see why they are favourites?how many fans go to their away games does anyone know?
  5. this expansion obsession,is it only super greed fans that want it?dont remember them being so keen on going over to toronto,which is a great place.shame you missed the opportunity.If toulouse go up you will love the mariachi band. not.
  6. At this juncture i would just like to say Up the raiders.thanks.Have thunder got any away fans?When they were gateshead they had 2.Fev and Barrow to go up.i .m.o
  7. gutted!!!!.good luck jonno.hope you enjoyed it at BARROW.thanks for all your efforts.This isnt a halloween joke is it?
  8. like lightening this lad,he made a try at home against toulouse last season that was sensational.
  9. Dunno wher you got that last statement from .I would say most towns in yorks and lancs have a union team of some sort .Cumbria deffo heartland,hence 3 counties championship at all levels.Admittedly not played at senior level for years.where are you from yip yee?
  10. Barrow average 1300+ so tuther 2 must bring it over 2000.A bit of success soon bumps up attendances.craven park certainly aint up to sl standards but it is i.m.o. the best ground to watch rugby from a fans perspective.Bold statement but im sticking to it.
  11. Dan abram has signed for oldham,ryan fieldhouse retired due to injury (according to workington forum.)
  12. no combined cumbrian team ta,we wouldnt know which side our jam eaters buttered on! for those not in the know Barrows now in cumbria, but i have seen a teatowel that says barrows in lancashire.cumbria incidentally is the second biggest county in england surprised noones noticed it on the map.so any 1from 3 for supergreed.
  13. its official cumbria doesnt exist.well in your minds anyway. we produce excellent players,usually poached at an early age by superleague.if we had a team in top flight even more quality comes through.seems to me you dont like the travel? cumbria is a heartland of rugby league or have you forgotten.if not fev to go up this year they deserve it. make supergreed 4 teams bigger and join 2 championships together. have 2 up/down to keep things fresh.whoever wins sl are the champions,like every other sport! replace play offs with a nines comp,including championship clubs.maybe i am deluded but thi
  14. cant remember the last time Barrow played an away pre season friendly .gate is halved,so maybe crowd would be be bigger at craven park? woudnt mind an exotic away game for a change.we normally play oldham ,haven or keighley every year.groundhog day for last 10 years round these parts.
  15. someone once told me that Bangkoks got plenty of number nines.Though i may have misheard.
  16. the bars in eindhoven are at stratums eind,great of a weekend,eindhoven is dominated by phillips electronics and not so interesting .it is near belgium though . holland is deadly quiet on a sunday,everywhere.my money would be on amsterdam or possibly breda.rl could really catch on over there.
  17. we can but dream,is that still allowed.?All we need is a couple of millionares +bae and glaxo.oh aye sellafield could help enall.simples.
  18. no cumbrian team marra?? we could get 6k each home game.2000 in the ground + 4000 of our mates in the sheep pens outside. before you complain about this post i am a cumbrian and i live on a farm .stick that in your pipe an smoke it.ps up the raiders.
  19. rugby revitalized! i thought it was jet lag i had?
  20. i lived there for ten years and i reckon it could take off if a central ground could be found like the old olympic stadium or ajax,s old ground, if they are stilll standing?i was in holland when darts was only played in the boonies,now its massive.some big lads to choose from too .maybe mr koukash would be interested.heineken and amstel to sponsor,whats not to like? away support could be substantial.
  21. watts puara has taken lachlan lams place in the squad.its on tv and streaming services,see general rl forum for details.good to see our lads up against GB this weekend. watts has not played nines before.
  22. oliver wilkes named in scotland squad today.
  23. swinton were placed under special measures yesterday.sad to see.rochdale arguing between themselves,it makes us look the waltons.
  24. workington have opted out of next years 1895 cup .should barrow do the same? we have precious few games as it is.its a balance between much needed revenue and avoiding injuries.i would opt to play just to see a championship team at craven park.
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