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  1. Great win today ,seems we have the hoodoo over hunslet .Tough one next week especially on their artificial pitch.Hopefully today's team turns up again
  2. Carrying too much weight last time I seen him,if he could trim back down I think he would be an excellent centre / 2nd row option for us .
  3. Great appointment,let's give him a squad to match his commitment.
  4. And you will always knock any signing they make ,grow up they got promoted and are now ahead of the game with signings ,things we can only dream of.
  5. So yet again anyone the slightest bit critical of the club is automatically presumed a Whitehaven fan.Lets see where not being too critical of this season gets us .
  6. I know about Gillam because at the time he signed for them , it was being said we were trying to sign him
  7. I thought they had 3 the winger ,Chris Taylor and foster,I think although they signed the lad from Rochdale I think he is from down Askam way
  8. Weren't we saying something similar last season about Pryce.One thing we should learn from this season is having too many travelling/ DR players is not the way to go ,and I fear if Chris is the coach that's exactly the way we will go . We need to have a locally based squad that can actually train together more than once a week ,we have to bite the bullet and build local .Let's give youth a chance or I fear this time next year ,like this time this year and this time last year ,we will have run out of players and still be top of the table pretenders
  9. That was shocking and after last week's heroics. Please let's not kid ourselves we are one of the top teams in this league on our day,because we aren't,time for a clear out .
  10. Beating hunslet away with 15 men proves we can match up to the top teams in this league,so Doncaster at home should be good win for us ,Rangi chase is their trump card, silence him early on and he will loose interest .
  11. Were some of those not haven players first ,Moore,Newton,shackley to name a few .For whatever reason our coach decided those along with a quality local assistant were not up to it. Maybe all Cumbrian clubs will now realise all that glitters is not gold. Looking on the social media platforms anyone who thinks some will now return back to us ,well I'd be very surprised,they seem to be enjoying very much reminding us of what has transpired.
  12. Well done to Whitehaven RLFC,as for players playing beyond their limits I disagree.I would think it's players being given a chance to prove they are good enough .Jake Moore and Sam Dowsett are two that our coach at the time deemed not good enough,by all accounts both have been outstanding for them this year . They seem to have a clutch of young cumbrians in Moore ,Dowsett,Gillan,Kelly,burns,holiday etc who will be there for a good while to build around,and no doubt their aim will be to finish 3rd bottom or above and consolidate for a year ,but both on and off field they seem to be getting it right .
  13. For a team that allegedly can't score ,I for one would be happy to have their points F/A and their league position.They have massively over performed this season,while we have massively under performed ,some times you have to give credit where it's due .Different animal next season in the championship,they will struggle big time ,but it's their problem to have not ours .
  14. So you mention winning our last two home games ,but don't mention hunslet away which again is the type of game you need to win during a season to go up automatic,and yes we would need more than a couple of overseas or ex SL in the championship,but we have to get there first and if we had them as well as a locally experience d squad that doesn't change every season ,then we would go up .The big worry is what is going to happen to league 1 in the near future,with the potential for other full time teams to come in and talk if a change to league structure,we run the risk of being cut a drift .
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