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  1. Can he move ,for a so called professional player his condition is awfull.I would hate to see him at the start of preseason if he looks like that at the end of the season.
  2. I'd suggest their squad this year cost significantly less than ours.Didnt have to bargy for players we cast aside .
  3. So what does that mean ,they are getting relegated in 2020, but we aren't getting promoted ?,I'd maybe choose your come backs a bit better
  4. You are right ,the fact we are in this position again is pathetic
  5. Yeah keep that up instead of addressing the issue ,let's see where that gets us .
  6. Really feel sorry for our players ,they have been let down severely by the BOD ,it's one thing to have a small,but we lost key players long before the deadline miller just one example,and we attempted to patch it up with DR or loans which always lets you down .The BOD have serious questions to answer ,this is third season on the run where we have failed to have 17 on more than one occasion.No doubt I'll get the usual replies ,but instead of questioning me how about you question the people responsible for this sad state of affairs the BOD.
  7. Yet at the start of the season you were saying we should go up and we weren't in that position . Just smacks of jealousy , we really under achieved ,while some say they massively over achieved or maybe they just played to their strengths . They certainly were not attractive from what I seen 5 drives and kick but very effective. If we go up next season the squad will need more than a few additions,just like Whitehaven's will , because the gap.betweens the league's is getting bigger . Let them have their hour in the sun,but to run it down says more about us than them .
  8. Thought you were better than that ,we would love to be in their position .Given potential changes in league structure we should be hoping we are top half of league 1 and both us and haven end up in the championship.After all the preseason bravado from us ,may it's time to admit they done well and move on .We have a massive challenge next season ,Barrow going to be very strong ,and then cougars with no points off will push for it .Let's just concentrate on what we can achieve not others .
  9. Great win today ,seems we have the hoodoo over hunslet .Tough one next week especially on their artificial pitch.Hopefully today's team turns up again
  10. Carrying too much weight last time I seen him,if he could trim back down I think he would be an excellent centre / 2nd row option for us .
  11. Great appointment,let's give him a squad to match his commitment.
  12. And you will always knock any signing they make ,grow up they got promoted and are now ahead of the game with signings ,things we can only dream of.
  13. So yet again anyone the slightest bit critical of the club is automatically presumed a Whitehaven fan.Lets see where not being too critical of this season gets us .
  14. I know about Gillam because at the time he signed for them , it was being said we were trying to sign him ??
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