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  1. Just hope it is good news. Something that has been thin on the ground lately.
  2. Have backed us with the 36 start. I believe under Lingard we can defend. The problems start on offence . No pace and no leader on the field. Am impressed that we are signing young promising players but unless we can somehow find a player to direct and guide us round the park plus a loan or signing to bolster our threequarters the struggle to stay out of the bottom four will continue. I predict 32-10
  3. Important game this one. Mark Aston and his team have come out on top so many times over the last few years. But i feel we can win this one but only if we show the same resiliance and fight which has been on show for us in recent games. Luckily we have so far avoided injuries in key positions where we have no cover and our starting team are playing well. I go for a bulldog win by 22 - 16. Am hopeing for better weather and a decent turnout from our missing, and reguler supporters. Sheffield are bringing a full 4 seater taxi load i hear. Patch retiring has left a big hole for Aston to fill.
  4. One thing about the current bulldogs squad for mine. It is not a team of star players but the players that pull on the shirt do not lie down. The Leigh team on paper is far superior to our current squad but praise to Lingard he is getting plenty of effort from what we have. Tonight we rested few of our regular starters as I am sure you supporters will agree league points are more important. A respectable score for us tonight. Well done to the players.
  5. Fair comment BB it sounds like we put up a good show at Widnes could not attend due to family commitments. We certainly cannot complain about effort from the team but unless we bring in bodies to bolster our depleted backline then I fear it will be a long season of struggle. 2pts. against Swinton is a must. Lose that and the alarm bells will be ringing loud and clear.
  6. Cannot speak for other people but I have my own feelings on this matter and stick to them. I do not do double standards
  7. You need to remove the chip from your shoulder mate. I am correct in saying D/R was for younger players and nowhere have you seen me go against that. As I said we supporters have no say in what happens between clubs. I am also sure Leeds are running an academy as well as reserves so I do not think young players will not get game time. Personally I wish we had the funds to run a second team. Enjoy your rugby and as has been said time to put this to bed.
  8. Have you seen our squad we cannot send any backs for game time as we are struggling for numbers ourselves. It says nothing of us benefitting from Leeds players . I hope we do get new players, from Leeds or other teams , but either sign them permanently or on loan deals My views have not changed D/R is not good for the championship. But as has been said the subject needs putting to bed. As supporters we have no say, but eventually maybe the penny will drop with the powers that be and community clubs will run with their own squads and maybe even run second teams we live in hope.
  9. Yes Chisholm was definitely the difference between the teams. We did play well but we were at home and still conceded 38. A game we could not win as our squad was not bolstered by Super league 1st team squad additions. You would probably have won the game without Rhinos help but D/R still sours the game.
  10. We did not win that game with D/R players. We won because on the day we were better
  11. Nothing to do with the topic mate. But yes your support was appreciated.
  12. Sorry Robin I do not really Know that. I think the game at your place killed it for me when your team had 7 players from super league against us.
  13. Sorry Robin your club has lost its identity fans know you are chasing the holy grail ie super league on the back of Leeds. The idea of D/R was to give up and coming academy players experience of rugby league at a higher level. You very nearly achieved your goal with the use of the Rhinos first team squad players. I and a lot of long term supporters at our community club deplore D/R. It has made a mockery of the championship. I always admired rovers not any more. And before you throw the giants partnership at us we long time fans did not support that . D/R is for the benefit of super dupa league clubs not the championship. At the rate our league is going they will have achieved their goal and the championship will become a feeder league.
  14. Ryan Horsley had a great season for us playing well above his weight. We had a lot better team at that time with more creativity .
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