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  1. Spare a thought for everyone involved in the playing group and fans. Absolute joke shop.
  2. Hard to be positive I suppose. What does worry me is how many times have we been niled under Matt? I appreciate the competition won’t be anywhere near as hard next season but surely we won’t have any of our top end players either. Can’t wait for the season to be over
  3. I hardly doubt the budget is smaller at Swinton. I believe they got less distribution money from rfl but then created their own budget due to the right people running the club. We got outbidded by Swinton on several players in the off season and also you signed our player of year and young player by offering more money. Good on you though, money goes along way and made great signings.
  4. Brilliant and will only get better. Shame if true, thought bringing Matt in was for this purpose, local lads wanting to play for him and Hornets. Suppose Brandon might just wanna play championship. Good on him
  5. Reading in the paper, he’s rejected a deal for next year and on his way to Swinton. Big big shame for club if true
  6. I’m sorry but 13 players out of yesterday’s 17 was Matt’s signings... when does it not become his own squad?
  7. Had to turn it off at half time, having said that, thankfully the second half seemed to be much better. Marriot again did well in a struggling team first half. What a great player he can turn out to be. Sorry to say his front row partner can’t back that up, gleeson looked tired after 2-3 minutes and was embarrassing in defence, I’m not quite sure he’s cut out for this level in my opinion. Hopefully we can push on from what looked a decent second half!
  8. Shambles. Dec has been if not, one of our best players over recent years. Not had a look in since day 1. Massive shame
  9. Poor again yesterday but getting rid of Matt isn’t the answer. But neither was getting rid of Forster. Personally it’s hard not to judge Matt when he’s had more games than the previous coach and the results and performances are worse with zero signs of improvement. He’s brought a lot of players in, the 17 most weeks are majority his signings so surely we should be seeing some improvement but having said that, lets give him time like i believe all coaches should have.
  10. If cresta was to go, who would you want to bring in though?
  11. Agreed. Last 2 coaches have been giving an impossible job. Going down last year would of been the best thing for us and both coaches would of made a success out of it in my opinion.
  12. Bitter about what? Just saying how poor we are and have performed all season. Just facts.
  13. Didn’t swinton beat them only weeks ago?
  14. Beyond embarrassing. Second time to be niled this season. We went to France only second game of season and gave them a game for 50-60 minutes before being beaten by the fitness (in my opinion). Obviously gone backwards and I can respect reasonings for that to be honest but... anyone still thinks calland is the right man for the job must be kidding themselves.
  15. Absolute shambles... sums up the way our club has acted this season. Dodgy. Embarrassing
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