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  1. Rumour that Leeds are going to announce new halfback on Monday.
  2. Lots of different rumours circulating as to who will be the halfbacks for Leeds next year. Currently we have Lui, Myler and McLelland as cover. However for 2020 rumours of Myler leaving, Luke Gale signing and a recent rumour of Jai Field signing from St George. Does anybody have an idea what the final position will be next year?
  3. Rumours of Leeds wanting to sign Luke Gale have been circulating for a few weeks. Is there any truth in the rumour and when is any signing likely to be announced?
  4. Jake Connor is staying at Hull FC , Leeds want a halfback and are actively trying to sign a quality new player. What are latest rumours, Hastings , Maloney or maybe Aiden Sezer who wants to leave Canberra?
  5. Hastings is out of contract at end of this season so can be approached at end of this month for 2020 onwards. However for 2019 a transfer fee would be required by Salford. Have Leeds got spare capacity under salary cap and player qualification?
  6. I think that Leeds are wanting to sign certain players but I'm unsure whether for this season or 2020 It appears a new halveback seems to be the priority?Itseems Leeds have failed with their approach for Connor . However sources say Leeds are now actively looking at alternative players..Could these include Trueman at Castleford and Hastings at Salford?
  7. It looks like Leeds Rhinos have missed out on Jake Connor. However several sources have said that Leeds are actively pursuing other players. Any names been mentioned of who Leeds are wanting to sign?
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