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  1. Class to see luke Cresswell signed up. I think Jake Carter will have a big season. Great kicking game.
  2. W Why is this brilliant news? They haven’t been that good.....
  3. Dallimore? Seriously? Poor use of wages
  4. Need to change game plan from 5 drives and a kick. I would like us to do more than that in division 1... If people are happy to keep watching same style of play then so be it.... Surely Steve N can’t be impressed after spending money on a more than capable squad and underachieving?
  5. Totally agree with this. Change of coach required.....
  6. 100%... He isn’t up to it anymore. Don’t get me wrong has been great for the club but he has had a good squad and investment this year and not delivered...
  7. Said it for a while. Had his day I am afraid
  8. Yeah if we go down will be in league one for a few years as the American teams will join will endless money and be too strong for everyone else
  9. Championship has to be the priority.
  10. I am guessing people aren’t allowed an opinion on here? I pay my money every home game so should be able to voice my opinion?
  11. God that Rochdale team were poor. We should be finishing above them all day long... Hopefully we rack some wins together now.
  12. Roasted by the vet? Same craic?? I am just frustrated with the team and the game plan and some fans will be happy when we get relegated into league 1 and no chance of getting out of it. Joke!
  13. It’s getting a bit of the old same with this team. Cresta is bottling it and we will lose. Cresswell should be in the 19 easy. Cresta is just sticking with the ###### he has recruited this year!!!
  14. Look at Sheffield getting hammered by Toronto. We will get 100 past us when we play them.
  15. There was never any intention of him playing for us ever. Just took the money and ran. Contracts mean nothing these days.
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