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  1. I'd love to see Newcastle Thunder join them in the Championship. Is that doable?
  2. Purple Bricks no longer operate in Australia so this sponsorship may be prematurely finished. I hate that new NRL logo too. Last years was really good.
  3. Yes, just Great Britain Lions. Ireland are a separate team.
  4. I like these from a club in Western Australia called the Albany Sea Dragons. Not one, but four jerseys!
  5. I would think that Catalans Dragons would be more compelled to promote ties in Catalunya rather than the rest of France due to the strong political and independence movement. With their intention to take up FC Barcelona's wish to play their home game against Wigan Warriors, would indicate that they would want to enlarge their footprint and win over supports from the Spanish side of the region.
  6. Yes, definitely tired of the flatcap syndrome all around me.....the games has had 124 years to establish itself in these grimey northern villages and failed. Time for fresh new pastures of abundance my friend. Toronto, Ottawa, Toulouse and Perpignan are the seeds that are growing rather splendid.
  7. I think you have the wrong Jean there fella. Ask Manfred Mann where the real Jean/League Freak is.....
  8. I think Elstone still has too much of a soccer mentality TBH.
  9. If for some 'reason' SLE refuses Toronto to enter SL, could the RFL build up the Championship as a 'rival' comp, pushy for a more international feel (with Ottawa coming up the ranks) and challenge SLE for a Sky deal and sponsors considering that SLE is separate?
  10. The bloke at the bottom could work as the mascot. lol The Sea Dragon is native to WA waters too.
  11. Seems rather odd to have those random coloured seats everywhere else and then suddenly a patch of navy blue.
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