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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. My publisher has obviously changed the page since the original post. Have edited the original post to correct.
  2. Thanks to the Mods for approving me, I hope I may be allowed to bring to the forum's attention a new RL grounds book which may be of interest to forum members, Rugby League Grounds - A Photographic Archive, featuring my collection of photos of ground taken between 1988 and 1995 before the safety officers and developers took over, with 42 clubs covered over 150 pages and over 160 colour photographs. Due to be published on 3rd June, the book is currently offered at a pre-publication price of £16 inc p&p (£20 inc p&p once published) and is available from http://footballgroundsfrenzy2.com/our-football-grounds-books/products/70a2ff18-56c5-476d-afe8-374d109f3d03 or can be ordered by PayPal from mikefloate55@gmail.com ** Note to Mods. Apologies if this is against forum rules. Feel free to remove if this is the case.
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