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  1. Who has arms long enough to hug Robin Evans or is the group going to hug him as a collective
  2. having met you I'd say that you are a good example of falling standards across a range of areas - dress, personal appearance, your sad joy in your ongoing issues with flatulence.
  3. Sadly we are a world drifting to almost grunting,, text and twitter speak becoming commonplace in all forms including verbal for heavens sake emoji's the modern slant on hieroglyphics. I am all for maintaing standards to try and avert reverting to grunting knuckle draggers.
  4. A very eloquent and decent chap only slightly spoiled by the comb over and he was the ideal front man for 'Ask the Family'
  5. southwalesrabbito I've been to South Wales I understand your comments fully typical of the local outlook
  6. Those that use of instead of have 'i.e. 'the coach should have picked' Many 'of' offenders on these forums
  7. The trouble with second guessing is it's usually incorrect. There are many possible reasons for the the signing and the loaning, practical, tactical, development, financial or contractual but to be sure you'd have to check with Trinity's Coach or CEO to be certain. He's signed a two yeaar contract and I'd be shocked if he wasn't fully aware of the plan including Newcastle best of luck to the man
  8. I'm hanging on until the TBC becomes a Confirmed
  9. Thanks I'll not book my flights yet
  10. Has this game been confirmed yet?
  11. I very much doubt that Mrs Carrs homesickness was an overnight thing and I am sure Ryan, once he knew they were going home, let it be known to others that he would be available I am sure his reputation has been enhanced with his work here, He's laid the foundation for something good at POR with a quality squad just needs a new Coach to follow it through over to you Mr Campbell.
  12. is bunch the correct terminology? Surely it should be collective
  13. They're not really personalised mainly it's just letters and number that may resemble something personal to an individual and requiring a belief that letters and numbers mean something different 5 = S / 4 = A / 3 - E etc COL 1 N KEV 1N close to personal a I guess but few and far between. I'm surprised how long it took the DVLA to catch on that they could it make a fortune from the vain drivers in the UK and have a price on every registration number unless they believe it will attract the very gullible - they go to auction. They encourage the sale of so called ' personal' numbers and even suggest who may welcome one (AF11LLY) and warn you elsewhere that it's illegal to display details that do not meet the legal guidelines, plate manufacturers are not supposed to change the standard layout either clearly some are doing! Just vanity
  14. The majority of the fans care for the Club and they are the answer to the mindless moronic minority shame them out of the Club £10000 equivalent to 555 paying adult supporters wasted because the MINDLESS MORONICMORONS are just that and unlikely to change, identify every last one and get then banned MAJORITY RULE - POWER TO THE DECENT PASSIONATE ROVERS FAN point out the morons.
  15. £10k pretty strong message - what's not to understand
  16. Of course its personal, my comment is directed at you feeling the need to correct another persons grammar and if you are referring to the 'drama queen' comment that's a personal view on what I believe is an OTT comment from you.
  17. small pool, bigish fish bound to be in vogue until something else takes over. Clubs have idiots, Rovers idiots are on form sadly
  18. What is it you disagree with?
  19. I do believe the principle is that they dissolve in the rectum and I guess the calorie count would be dependent on the composition of the suppository and the actual fat content and how big they have to make the suppository so it doesn't fall out
  20. do you know how calories are in that phrase?!
  21. Colin Rovers are not the only club with idiots, the Rovers idiots ` sadly on a roll at the moment with their unique and costly brand of supporting the club
  22. RayCee it's happens every year at all Club's with varying amounts of activity and for varying reasons so a little less drama queen headlining when there's nothing to see. This sentence may or may not be grammatical and a response to make any corrections other than making you feel just a tad superior will have no impact on my day other than you confirming what an insecure individual you are.
  23. The problem remains with the people, behaving like a civilised human would be pretty easy you'd think but having witnessed the angry red faced, slathering, moronic foul mouthed out pouring's these costly 'fans' it's clearly not that easy. The solution lies with decent folk not putting up with them, the morons are known to others in the crowd there's no honour in covering for the morons, its not grassing its protecting other fans and the club. So less trying to shift the problem elsewhere, the morons are the problem and decent folk are the solution.
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