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  1. The problem is the people who are incapable of behaving in a civilised manner sadly both in public and private, they see aggression and foul language as acceptable behaviour, regressing into a feral society. Depressingly its across society and not just sport, a school has recently banned parents from using the school car park because parents believe that its acceptable to rant, rave and abuse each other over the parking spaces including threats of violence great example for the kids to aspire to 'my mum/dad's more feral than yours'
  2. I believe a club's past record is taken into consideration when deciding the punishment.
  3. Here's a bit of 'blue sky' thinking many of the chanters use this site, it's on Facebook, there can't be many Rovers fans and chanters who are not aware that the Bradford abuse is leading to more sanctions for the club and that they already have a fine from the Rochdale game so maybe they could just stop the foul and phobic abuse and give some good honest vocal support for the players the chanters will still be allowed to jeer the Ref, mock the opposition for any forward pass, knock on or missed tackle maybe even a bit of humour I know it's a bit of a way out suggestion but it may just be the best solution ever and save the Club money which I'm sure these chanters all devout Rovers fans will be keen to see if they carry on and have to be dealt with then it's a problem for them and the Club. Maybe too simple and idea.
  4. As Meatloaf sings 'two out of three ain't bad'
  5. I wonder if anyone at the RFL reads this stuff
  6. You underline this problem, with your limited half-witted responses. The likes of you are the biggest part of the problem. I would be very interested to know the angle of your forehead and the nature of your gait so I could better judge how much of a Neanderthal you are. my guess is acute and knuckle dragging.
  7. I'm not sure you fully appreciate the offensiveness of the chant and who it's going to offend and how offended they are likely to be the other unacceptable stuff becomes acceptable when such as you try to belittle those that complain and excuse those that make the offensive remarks, most is beyond supporting your team and being classed as banter sadly the problem is sporting wide
  8. I wasn't keen on wooden rattles either
  9. I've not suggested it is, I have pointed out that the inference that the playing of the drum would drown out the offensive chant was not correct. I'm not a fan of drums, trumpets, cow bells or other musical instruments at games but support needs to passionate and if it adds something to that good
  10. My comment was in response to the suggestion that had the drum been played as part of the chant people were unlikely to have heard it and highlighting the fact that other chants can be heard when the drummer boy chips in. I heard the chant and in my opinion it was moronic and those that were involved should be ashamed of their behaviour.
  11. The drummer boys efforts did not drown out the moronic and offensive chant nor does it drown out any other chants.
  12. Ice Rink set costs on the wow scale you'd need some serious numbers to make some brass on that. Concerts, club acts whatever all need set up costs before you start to make a return
  13. Not sure that Copley's will be making a load of money as I'm pretty they don't own the Circus, who will no doubt be paying rent for use of the venue. The Club have put on many events in the past darts night, sports dinners, Elvis tribute acts, a regular comedy night a few party on the pitch events and that F Factor with some of the X Factor also rans sadly none were a stand out success most cost money to set up in this day and age it's not a good gamble unless they are genuine Headliners and who's going to bank roll one of those. There are no easy answers on getting better use out the Stadium but ideas will no doubt be very welcome
  14. The Minimum Wage Rates should be factored in as well only at 21 do you get an 'adult' rate and at 25 you get the National Living Wage, beneath that is three lower rates for apprentices, up to 17 year olds and then the 18 - 20 year bracket.
  15. State retirement age is 65 at present, goes to 66 next year followed by further increases, some places work on 60 others its 65. You have to have a bench mark and individual clubs set there own.
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