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  1. Tony and the boys took 50 odd people brilliant to see ex players back in the fold some serious legends boom dinga ding
  2. Been told old board r like brexit keep voting until we are in - democracy trashed people paid 40 quid to vote
  3. The floor of the meeting voted 20 odd to 6 for a 6 man board - without any proxy votes or postal, what is wrong here a vote was won by the floor of the AGM - water tight
  4. Good Speech - but Larry who lead the trouble causers wont agree - bet you
  5. Larry Man who put in 175 k put in got abused its mad bloke in Regal said a woman was shouting at everyone = Larry you put some in Tyron put some in or stop causing trouble
  6. Tyron - Tony and the BOYS to the rescue - Stappy and the gang including some money - no money no say
  7. Yes clubs is in mess,, One week to AGM and then a new Board new people Ex Players and others. Get Paul back with new people like Tony. The people now have embarrassed everyone. Not one should be on new one. Also bring back others who got shoved out.
  8. Just had phone call AGM rules have changed half way through - people have voted now 9 Board Members not 6. How is this allowed I voted last week - who knows if this is legal original letter said 6 not 9. I have not had a new letter. What is going on - once proud club has been ruined.
  9. Unhappy Club - Board not respected as they wont cough up - put some money down or let new men run the piece - also bring back Paul Ormerod - only one that ever spoke to rank and file - this board will never get the support
  10. No downside on this - new board - new broom club is a mess give these lads a go. Cant bring the Gents back that used to run it so this is best. Get voting in.
  11. I bumped into one of the Ex Players in the Regal yesterday and great to hear that they are getting involved in the club. All of them are now members and will vote and help the club. They will get one place on the Board after the AGM. This means new people will now be involved and not the same people voting for each other. This is good news as the Ex Players is a big movement and can help with the club at heart.
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