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  1. This club if it is to survive at all. Needs a home, in Oldham, doesn't need to be big but needs a little stand to meet championship requirements so no fannying about when they get promoted. And give the kids in the schools free tickets like latics did when I was at school. Get them used to watching live rugby league with their dads, brothers, uncles, mates. Thousands of kids in Oldham like and follow rugby. For gods sake give them a team and a sense of pride in a team they can call their own.
  2. Over the years the club has had some great moments that have brought real sporting pride to the town. What are some of your favourite memories? Games, tries, finals etc.
  3. Due to the Roughyeds not owning their own home again, I was wondering if there were any plans for a permanent ground in the pipeline? If not where would the ideal location be do you think?
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