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  1. Agree completely , and what he has done is wrong and should be punished , However I just hope he is not subjected to some of the hung draw and quarter type of punishments suggested to many recently . He’s done wrong educate him and Allie him to understand his error and come back a better person .
  2. Agree , it’s the fad at the moment .
  3. Ok so if Leeds do a White pride shirt , can I ignore that and continue supporting them , and no it’s not different .
  4. Just a thought and not being political , but after warringtons announcement what do fans who are strongly against some recent actions do to say that they don’t want their club/ organisation condoning this .
  5. I agree that the other mergers would have been bonkers , I am at a loss to think why a South Yorkshire and Cumbria team playing in super league in a decent stadium with some decent TV money at the start wouldn’t be better than the current situation where the game at professional and a mature level has gone back in those regions .
  6. I think combines Sheffield and Doncaster barely draw 1800 , I’m sure a combined super league team in Doncaster would be drawing more
  7. Would Cumbria and South Yorkshire not been better than the current situation
  8. Am I right in thinking that Skolars have a better facility available to them than the Broncos
  9. What’s the story with this guy then , noticed he is wanted by the police according to the oracle that is google
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