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  1. Am I right in thinking that Skolars have a better facility available to them than the Broncos
  2. What’s the story with this guy then , noticed he is wanted by the police according to the oracle that is google
  3. I remember haughton looking like he would be in the top 1-4 back rows from a decade . Seemed to just tail off
  4. Just remember him being a real prospect and then disappearing from the top flight , another would be joey Hayes and Simon Haughton .
  5. Any views in this , predictable in that the decided to go political , also predictable that it has fallen on its A**e because of that .
  6. How many amature teams are there these days in Manchester/ Salford
  7. Did he not think to get them to sign something , doh
  8. Can we as a forum ask him to outline his beliefs on this ? .
  9. oh and another thing has anyone Stuck a Mike in SWBs face and asked him his views see below . But don’t worry he can do what he wants can’t he ..... Sonny Bill Williams - a devout Muslim - has pointedly gone out of his way display his religiosity. The hulking centre famously taped over two Investec logos on his Blues shirt last year, successfully arguing he had a right to do so as a conscientious objector. “My objection to wearing clothing that markets banks, alcohol and gambling companies is central to my religious beliefs, and it is important to me to have been granted this exemption," said Williams at the time. While we don't know the exact nature of his religious beliefs around homosexuality, it's probably not an enormous leap to speculate that as a devout Muslim, his views might not be hugely dissimilar to that of Folau's as a devout Christian. What we can say is that he has already courted criticism for his friendship with Zimbabwean born Muslim cleric Mufti Ismail Menk. enk had been banned from speaking at a number of UK Universities and had at one stage described homosexuals as 'filthy' and suggested that they were lower than animals. The cleric has since retracted those remarks, saying they were based on a 'misguided notion'. In January 2017 Williams' role as a BMW ambassador was questioned - according to Newsroom.co.nz - on the back of complaints about the player's association with the controversial cleric. Menk - for his part - described Sonny Bill as a 'wonderful person' and someone who he knew at 'close range'.
  10. Just speaking again for the mass of RL fans out there again . I couldn’t give a S**t about his politics I want to see stars play . Joaquin Phoenix is a ###### and full of S**t but I enjoyed watching his talents on display . I think most people are sick to the back teeth of politics invading every corner of life . Lads a star chuck him a ball .
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