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  1. Apologies , I thought this was aimed at New northern MPs in general
  2. As opposed to all of the help and assistance incumbent MPs and there governments gave your club and area in the past 100 years ,Just saying .
  3. Does anyone have any memories of Garibaldi from Mansfield .
  4. Does anyone else think clubs are missing a trick by not having a Hone , away , heritage set of shirts .
  5. I want to congratulate Lindsay Hoyle on having a fantastic name . If he wasn’t speaker of the house of commend his name would lend it to ...... 70s US Cop , he doesn’t play by the rules but by got he gets results . Austrailan Tennis ace . Never won a title , angry racket thrower . Hawaiian free diving champion . Nickname The sperm whale Penrith winger who just missed 86 tour selection , had a stint at Carslile . British Director . Focused on mainly Kichen Sink drams like . My god life’s hard and Saturday night Sunday morning then back to work Monday in an awful job .
  6. I do like Shane Richardson , he has also got a decent track record
  7. Why did the 4 nations get scrapped in the first place
  8. Bolton does look very modern and iconic it has to be said
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