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  1. Fingers crossed they decriminalise non payment of the licence fee soon .
  2. Is it looking likely any crowd at all will be allowed .
  3. What is the wording of what he actually tweeted .
  4. Great Carry on Jason use your profile . I also help coach in a non heartland region . We have lots of Eastern European kids that we need to work to engage with . Lots of minority groups to think of so let’s all crack on and spread TGG to everyone .
  5. Just a quick one , I only have to turn on Netflix of the BBC to openly be refers to as “They” in a daily basis openly in the media . Are you as quick to jump on that I wonder .
  6. The RL doesn’t have the resources to promote the game as it is . My point is if Jason Robinson feels there is an issue with grassroots rugby league , he’s in a better position than anyone to help . Just lumping the problem an the government or the RFL is not going to solve it . I’m not being rude to him I’m just saying with his profile he could make a real difference .
  7. Agreed , I just think Jason should active Lynn use his profile to do something he’s still the most recognised RL player after Martin O . He should set up coaching clinics
  8. No ones stopping anyone in this day and age pal . I’m in two boards of directors , we just want the best candidate could give a shiny about there creed colour or sexuality .
  9. Like I say Crack on Jason come up with a plan don’t just say “they should be doing more “ it starts with yourself
  10. No ones stopping anyone in this day and age , crack on but don’t blame your race or sexuality if you fail . I fail all the time it’s ok .
  11. Quick point , is Jason going to be using his profile and money to do anything about the problem that he says there is Jason Robinson running coaching sess. RFL air got a pot to ###### in so if he feels something should be done crack on pal . Incidentally I coach kids , I coach whoever turns up equally . Jason Robinson running coaching sessions is going to pull a damn sight more folks in than me .
  12. What no one ever seems to say in these arguments , and I’m just pointing out is that not reflective of the percentage of black people in the UK . And also is there not onus on communities to involve themselves in activities , The sports there the teams are there get involved No ones stopping anyone in this day and age , why does a special case always need to be made
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