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  1. I want to congratulate Lindsay Hoyle on having a fantastic name . If he wasn’t speaker of the house of commend his name would lend it to ...... 70s US Cop , he doesn’t play by the rules but by got he gets results . Austrailan Tennis ace . Never won a title , angry racket thrower . Hawaiian free diving champion . Nickname The sperm whale Penrith winger who just missed 86 tour selection , had a stint at Carslile . British Director . Focused on mainly Kichen Sink drams like . My god life’s hard and Saturday night Sunday morning then back to work Monday in an awful job .
  2. I do like Shane Richardson , he has also got a decent track record
  3. Why did the 4 nations get scrapped in the first place
  4. Bolton does look very modern and iconic it has to be said
  5. With you on this one , what’s the rational behind not having this as the opening venue . Good news though
  6. Did Ashton not play 4 times for England . Not babbling just putting a question out there , no need to be rude .
  7. From 2005-2015 GB Assuming all the planets aligned , We could add Heritage players ( heighnington )and there were no defectors to Union ( Ashton ect ) everyone was fit , coaching and friendlies were in place . What would have been the year and the team when we could have won a four nations . Ideas 2006 ,Jason Robinson + Ashton + Heighnington + Cunningham + Sculthorpe + Burgess ( Was he too young ) .
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