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  1. Still awaiting clearance to announce 22 players so far.
  2. I believe Thornton is still gonna be coach meeting next monday in Phoenix bar should shed some light on next season .at the moment we don't have a team
  3. Hunslet home form is shocking Only beaten 2 Welsh teams,Coventry and Cougars. Must be due a win
  4. Seen it on playback and hard to tell but skolars first try had a similar look about it. London looked lively but hunslet with most of team missing and not getting there till late pulled off an unlikely win.
  5. I thought the widnes v leigh semi on our league was excellent
  6. Hate point deductions cos it benefits a team who don't deserve it
  7. Hunslet got 3 suspended and several injured so Cougars could win
  8. Poorest team to ever top the league.park the bus and hope for the best
  9. Recipe for disaster. If ottawa come in same time as New York. Clubs cant afford to go over twice in one season
  10. Will saints field a weakened team and save their players for final
  11. Lner not running trains into London so we will be missing our first cup final in years.
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