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  1. Yeah was it a Bukta kit (The green one), that rings a bell. Also a solid red with a stripe down the arm (Bukta)
  2. I was sure when I was a kid I was told it was Cerise & Flame. Anyway I did a bit of googling and this came up. Not too sure how bob on it is.
  3. Exactly BSJ, and I'll live with Just staying up. We're never late in paying our players, we've not gone under, we cut our cloth accordingly.Thank the Lord for Kev and his common sense. All this "you've got to Speculate to Accumulate" is utter Guff. We're a good old fashioned community club, and we'll be here (Hopefully) after a lot of the others have come and gone. We're the envy of a lot of clubs truth be known.
  4. This is possibly the most ridculous thing I've seen posted. Please explain why ? And your qualifications as to this ?
  5. 2 10 Batley Boys VS Woolston Rovers Sat 2 Mar 14:30 - League Game Attendance 274
  6. Dazzer

    New Team

    Cool, we'll see how we get on
  7. Too right, Good on him. I hope he does well> It's a positive for the Town and Batley Boys.
  8. Dazzer

    New Team

    Batley Boys have just formed a masters Rugby League team for over 35's. All levels skill and experience are welcome. Our Facebook page : Batley Old Boys Masters Rugby (search for us) Illness/injury is no bar to joining in I've had 2 strokes and knees made of Brandysnap and I join in. It's massive fun. I've been reading this forum for ages, and by some of the posts we have some right talent lurking here. Training is usually at Taylor street on a Wednesday @ 06:30pm (But not this week 19/06/2019, as there is a game on at Taylor street) Darren Ps Hello there, and the doggies were poor against Sheff
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