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  1. 38 minutes ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    I haven't played this one but I do have rugby league team manager 2 which was a good game. The only thing that really bugged me about that one was the once weekly training updates for every single team in the game so after every game week you could end up waiting 10 minutes on a loading screen while the game essentially caught up and considering, especially during preseason you got through weeks pretty quickly this was a regular occurrence. Would you know if this is different on the new game? 

    The game is quite quick to play. You have the option of hiring staff and you can assign them to deal with the training.

    You can skip the game to result only or view with 2D or 3D. 

    It is funny to watch in 3D especially the way the players run.

    When they break the line and only have the full back to beat they tend to run straight at them and don't try to step or go round them 😂

  2. Just for fun, pick a first name, then put together a team of players from over the tears.

    Team of PAUL'S


    2. Sterling

    3. Loughlin

    4. Newlove

    5. Eastwood

    6. Cooke

    7. Deacon

    8. Gallen

    9. Hulme

    10. Dixon

    11. Sironen

    12. Harragon

    13. Sculthorpe

    14. Anderson

    15. Johnson

    16. McShane

    17. Medley



    I also tried putting together a team of Gary's which isn't as easy as I thought because the name is dying out.


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  3. The Rugby League season should be postponed until next year,every league in every country. Unlike football where the majority of the season had been played it is not really important that the season is finished as soon as possible. I do understand the financial implications but if you are dead then you can't play anyway regardless of how much money you have. There is no reason why it can't restart in February. Maybe the challenge cup could be played behind closed doors towards the end of the year but apart from that there is nothing that really needs completing. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    These are the 10 most expensive pubs in Dublin. I would say every city in the UK can list 10 pubs that sell a Guinness for over £5/€6 a pint, plus bare in mind most of these offer live entertainment at no additional cost. Some places in Dublin are under €4/£3.50, it’s certainly no more expensive than London. Accommodation, food, transport and attractions  costs are all lower. I bet you can even fly to Dublin for less than the train fare to London.


    I went to Dublin in 1997 and it hasn't gone up much in price,plus it is a lot better stuff than what they export

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