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  1. It ain't that cheap in London unless you find a wetherspoons, and then it is watered down. Cardiff the original and still the best place for magic weekend......funny though how the Welsh interest seems to have faded now their SL effort has ended. So Germany has no chance unless you get someone splashing the cash like in Canada...
  2. Besides having read the reports now,it states that they were of the age of consent and the players haven't broken the law. It would be a different scenario if they were saying that they didn't consent....
  3. I know what the difference is, I am just saying it is what young lads do, they interact with the opposite sex, some use their status (I don't know how famous the 2 NRL players in question are) some just like the thrill of the chase,the peer pressure from team mates,the norm for their social group.
  4. Rugby players (in fact blokes full stop) have been doing this for years,just because of their profile meant they were sacked. I don't condone it, some players that I knew would do this and it is nothing new in any walk of life. What's the difference between doing this on a pre season tour and a group of lads going to Ibiza on a 18-30 and seeing how many lasses they can sleep with?
  5. My dad used to call him Salman Rushdie because he thought that he looked like him and that's why he left Bradford lol
  6. Phil Ford, legend. Was the pantomime villain for a while at Headingley but will always be one of my favourites along with John Bentley and Paul Dixon
  7. So who were you on it? I used to play it
  8. https://m.facebook.com/groups/24637105111?refid=18&ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_activity&__tn__=C-R
  9. Nevermind best try... What about the best try saving tackle. Phil Ford for Leeds v Widnes April 1989 when he caught a fella called Martin Offiah......from the other side of the pitch.
  10. Paul and David Hulme. Kerrod and Kevin Walters
  11. Jordan Tansey v Bradford for Leeds at Magic Weekend in Cardiff....
  12. I highly doubt that they run the business to break even. If you are making a profit selling product regardless of that product, if you don't get bums on seats and can't produce product it will collapse. People still need paying.......
  13. Hi, I forgot my password on the fantasy rugby site ( I know we have an affiliate league with members of this forum) and have tried to reset it at least 6 times, even messaged those running it. Had anyone else had trouble accessing it ?
  14. Because by the time it is rearranged hopefully Agar will have been sacked
  15. Rhinos are rebuilding blah blah... I can't see Leeds winning this unless Storm Dennis arrives early and it is called off
  16. Yes, especially when there have been better players than him at Leeds,not even mentioning the rest of the world.
  17. Learn players runs on your team, play off the shoulder of your forwards who make the hard yards, be the link to the three quarters,you don't have to be quick, just be in the right place at the right time. If you are willing to take a knock,take the ball to the line, draw players in creating a gap and make sure that your team mates run through the gap that you created. I got sent off once when I was creating the space and my team mate didn't get it to run through the gap,after the 6th time being tomatoes by the opponent's I threw the ball at him at a few punches lol
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