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  1. Huddersfield by 30. Players need coaching properly. We need Darryl Powell
  2. The LOL at the end of my comment indicates that it was a joke. Just like the performance v Hull
  3. Which game were you watching, we were awful, we had no ideas going forward,no kicking game and no 2nd phase of attack. It was like watching Great Britain last year!
  4. Already suggested Cougars! Lol Another test is if he still likes rugby league after watching Keighley he'll watch owt lol
  5. If you time it right you could also fit in a super league game. It depends on your 7 year olds attention span. If they could last then Magic Weekend at Newcastle would be good or the Summer Bash at Blackpool if they are still doing it
  6. Keighley Cougars. There is a strong Irish community in Keighley and I am sure that you would get a warm welcome. I'd even approach them and tell them that you are coming. You might even discover distant relatives if you are Irish.
  7. Proof will be in the pudding. The video looked good
  8. I have put together quickly 3 teams,I will review them prior to joining mini league. Has anyone spotted any position errors with the players or do you think the value of some players aren't right? Ash Handley is down as a centre.
  9. I haven't bought a sports magazine for years and if they are this thin then I won't be buying one for a long time.
  10. Normally by this time of year there is a fantasy rugby league competition that you can pick you own team for fun or try to win a prize of some sort but I can't find one. Does anybody know of one?
  11. Apart from the opener at Newcastle, have the group game fixtures been released yet?
  12. This is getting boring now. Widdop is not as good as he is or has ever been made out to be. End of.
  13. None, but he was in the top 3 for worst performance of the tour....
  14. Amazing how much the spin from the media can cloud reality....
  15. Who says he was the 5/8th of the year 2017? Was it the Stevie Wonder magazine? Sorry I don't rate him at all,but like I said let's see what he does at super league level (eventually) and maybe I'll eat my words,but I doubt it
  16. When he does play, funny didn't seem to play for GB recently......
  17. Nothing missed here, don't rate him. He got by in the NRL because of the calibre of the rest of the team. Disappointing at international level, proof is in the pudding in super league
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