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  1. Would it not of been better to try help the comets out keep cash flow coming in ?
  2. I disagree the standard between towns league and disingtons league isn't a huge jump anymore biggest jump is fitness look at disingtons challenge cup games! . And we could of had likes of a bri Ritchie in the squad probably give his all fit young lad but we have the likes of olstrum brilliant on his day but how many days do we get out of him?
  3. Yeah missed out on a few year back why would they bother now. they maybe have one or two seasons left playing so why try it now when they are winning leagues and enjoying there rugby with there mates. Would you change that?
  4. Was a good game on Saturday Distington v elbra there's a few Distington lads town have missed out on over the years would walk in that team this year but most are wrong side of 30 now and not interested there's a few young elbra lads look like handfuls is anyone watching them. Think they only watch Barrow teams
  5. Was he to slight for hooker the other week when he run a few trys in?
  6. Maulding was signed as a second row forward wasn't he?? Blain has pace to burn can tackle as heart can break a tackle good footwork has played fullback before sounds like a good option to me
  7. Make same mistakes every year
  8. Town5


    No what I'm saying if your going up it needs to be done properly with players capable of at least mid table finish. You will always get your hardcore bunch of fans but people get sick of watching a team get tonked every week. Could we afford bad crowds
  9. Town5


    Do you think we could get a team anywhere near a standard for the league above
  10. Town5


    No its not a good idea getting promoted can't handle this league
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