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  1. 1 hour ago, barnyia said:

    Belmas and Sangaré changed the game again last night when they came on the field, if toulouse stay up and Sangaré goes to Leeds it'll be a massive loss for Toulouse, a real impact player, if Leeds would have had one or two more experienced players last night they'd have won as they where the fitter team, Toulouse really struggled in the last 15 minutes. 

    Same for  peacock and his mates in the stands 😁 the last 15 minutes was hard work for them in this heat, there'll be a few sore heads this morning 🤣

    Belmas seems a lot bigger and a stronger runner since his Catalans days. Wonder if he makes the wc team 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Mr Frisky said:

    Totally agree - Knowles is as good as anybody in the world.

    If Victor was world class (and so better than Knowles) he would be playing for Australia. 

    This is just a classic case of the NRL blinkers again....if he plays in the NRL he's world class....

    The fact is radley is a top player and better then most in his position. Is he better then Knowles that’s up for discussion but England are in a far better place with both of them available 

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  3. 45 minutes ago, Young Blood said:

    Serbia being 8th team is insane, however if they can add Trbojevic brothers, Cotric they be pretty good side. 

    Serbia actually have a fair few NRL players and q cup players they could youse. And a decent comp in Serbia if they played more games with some of these players they’d be decent.

  4. 1 hour ago, marklaspalmas said:

    Right. I really hope the game takes off there and as a nation they can be competitive.

    I suppose I was challenging your use of "a lot" to describe one player on loan to a championship club, one yet to debut, and one other Nigerian descent player in SL.

    These are the first steps and let's not overstate the case.

    My argument would still be with these players they would be better than Morocco. But guess we will just have to wait and see 

  5. 15 minutes ago, bowes said:

    I always find out of all of the teams, people are most inclined to overrate Serbia and Russia (the latter presumably won't be in this world cup qualifying). They have good domestic development for a developing nation, but are nowhere near world cup standard due to not having enough heritage players.

    Serbia have a good amount of heritage players it’s just getting them to play small nations is the problem 

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  6. 8 hours ago, Waghi Tumbe said:

    I think the following nations will feature in RLWC 2025:

    Asia Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Cook Islands.

    Europe: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Wales, Scotland, Greece and Serbia.

    Americas: United States and Jamaica

    MEA: Lebanon and Morroco (if they bring over their french based players in the qualifiers on September).

    I'm sure there'll be at least one or two changes to this list especially in Europe, if some heritage players in the NRL and Superleague decide to take the field in the qualifiers.


    I’d have Nigeria over Morocco. They have a lot of players in sl and a couple in the NRL 

  7. 22 minutes ago, Toby Chopra said:

    The cost of expanding Moor Lane to 8-9k will run into the millions, which Salford don't remotely have, given they're moving precisely because this is what they can afford. I very much doubt the stadium will be much bigger five years from now. But that fact is it DOES meet the current Superleague requirements, and I bet SL don't toughen them up. So fair play. 

    The question for Salford is can they continue to assemble a squad that punches above its weight and survive in SL on 5k max crowds and plus whatever corporate they can generate at Moor Lane? A relegation scrap every year isn't much of a life, and I think it did for Widnes in the end, but perhaps Salford can dodge the bullet for a few years yet as there aren't obviously 12 financially stronger clubs around .        


    Payment at the Aj bell is dead money at more lane they will make a LOT more than they do now. There is ways of getting money for certain people to extend moor lane. Right now no one really knows what will happen.

  8. 1 hour ago, Dave T said:

    One of the worst elements of the licensing era is the complete fixation we have around facilities and perception to the tv audience. Often we overstate these points to suit our own arguments. 

    In reality, clubs with good facilities should be able to offer a better proposition to customers and benefit from increased crowds and income, and therefore be able to run a stronger club. I don't have too much issue with Wakefield playing in a dump, but it should be something that is a millstone around their neck that stops them competing, and therefore they fall to their natural level.

    However, there are two elements at play. Firstly, facilities is not proving to be the silver bullet in terms of crowd numbers. Cas for example have been able to deliver solid crowds, better than some teams in far better facilities. This belief that good grounds = good crowds is flawed. 

    Secondly, the restrictive Salary Cap has helped to keep the clubs with lower incomes competitive, when in reality a club wit a turnover of £7-10m should be blowing teams with a turnover of £4m out of the water, but they can only spend the same amounts. We do see the richer teams have some benefits as they are generally the clubs players want to be at, but the cap does create a spread. 

    The likes of Cas and Wakey have shown that they can keep competing with terrible facilities, and good luck to them, but a large part of that is the artificial suppression of spend at the top level. I think it is important that we allow clubs to be aspirational and push their spending if they have the infrastructure in place and the income being generated.

    I don't think we necessarily need to go down the route of excluding teams from P&R, but we should be creating rules and an environment that makes it harder for these to compete.

    Moor lane isn’t a bad little ground and from the people I’ve spoke to they reckon you could get to 8-9k. With more corporate felicities. As a Salford fan I’d be happy if we could get something like that. It alll comes down to money though so we will have to see.



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  9. 9 hours ago, Beavers left nut said:

    they will put together a solid young squad if they have all players available. Really building to the 2025 World Cup in France. This squad would be pretty competitive this year if all players can get some regular super league time. 

    1. MOURGUE Arthur

    2. ROMANO Arthur 

    3. JUSSAUME Mathieu 

    4. LAGUERRE Matthieu 

    5. YAHA Fouad 


    6. GIGOT Tony

    7. FAGES Théo


    8. BOUSQUET Julian

    9. DA COSTA Alrix

    10. DEZARIA Jordan


    11. JULLIEN Benjamin

    12. STEFANI Maxime

    13. GARCIA Benjamin


    14. PELISSIER Eloi

    15. GOUDEMAND Mickaël

    16. NAVARRETE Romain

    17. SANGARÉ Justin

    Think I’d have springer in the bench over navarrete and hopefully Joe chan at 11.

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  10. 11 minutes ago, barnyia said:

    The French team won't have any elite players in the team, they'll all come from super league or the championship, 

    Fabre is a very good player and doing well at full back, Boyer was playing and helping with the coaching in Toulouse elite team, he is looking to get a club in Australia at cup level if possible, 

    Like to see Fabre and lancas? End up at a super league squad 

  11. 20 minutes ago, Chris22 said:

    Based on 1 - 17 squad numbers, without injuries, Salford would line up:

    Brierley, Sio, Lafai, Watkins, Burgess, Croft, Sneyd, Akauola, Ackers, Burke, Wright, Greenwood Taylor (Subs: Addy, Vuniyayawa, Lannon, Livett)

    They would then have Atkin, Ormondroyd, Wells, Williams, Johnson, Sarginson, Costello, Escare, Luckley, Borough and Cross in reserve.

    Salford have very good depth in their backline, you could even make one from back-up players (Atkin, Escare, Cross / Costello, Sarginson, Williams) that isn't terrible. If Salford get some injuries in the pack, the depth isn't quite there.  I don't see a play off challenge, but nor do I see a relegation battle. That squad is far better than Toulouse.

    For me wells and luckley will get a spot on the bench. Both could be in for a top season.

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  12. 4 hours ago, kiggy said:

    Not a bad game. I'm not sure Catalans sweated too much though, they picked up the pace when they needed to. It was interesting Toulouse scoring first and at 14-10 with a missed conversation looked closer than it should.

    I thought Hankinson had a good game as did Armitage. The latter if he can find some more aggression could have an outstanding season. 

    Joussaum's injury is a big blow as he had his best pre-season training so far.

    All things considered with what has happened in the last couple of weeks and having to quickly move players into different positions it was a performance that shows promise.

    If jossaums out for a while I wouldn’t be surprised to see laguerre or romano head there on lone. Also hope springer isn’t far off hoping for a big season off him 

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