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  1. They have a few who played u19s last year not sure of there names but the lock and the props looked good
  2. Thought the same tbh. Looks like Catalans won’t have any decent forwards coming through for a while. On the other hand Toulouse have some decent forwards in the u19/ elite team
  3. Not great for Catalans a lot of there younger players going for whatever reason.
  4. What’s happening with le cam and cozza thought they looked decent in sl
  5. That’s the million dollar question.
  6. Tbf Salford brought a good 20,000 last time Definitely sold out there end.
  7. If they go down which it looks like they will now I’d imagine he would.
  8. Toulouse seem to be putting together a decent elite 1 side with there new players and a few of the u19s
  9. Belmas seems a lot bigger and a stronger runner since his Catalans days. Wonder if he makes the wc team
  10. The fact is radley is a top player and better then most in his position. Is he better then Knowles that’s up for discussion but England are in a far better place with both of them available
  11. When he’s fit he’s in the top 3 locks in the NRL. For me I’d start Radley at loose and have Knowles of the bench who’d probably offer more impact off the bench.
  12. Serbia actually have a fair few NRL players and q cup players they could youse. And a decent comp in Serbia if they played more games with some of these players they’d be decent.
  13. Noticed Catalans u19s beat Toulouse in there gf. Any of them players look like they could play sl in a few years.
  14. My argument would still be with these players they would be better than Morocco. But guess we will just have to wait and see
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