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  1. Yes because I’m not a delusional wire fan like you. No doubt he’s a good player but i very clearly said England are missing the likes or a burgess and peacock and you come in with Harrison
  2. No difference like I said there very good sl players but we need props who can compete with haas Tino, Jfh Leota
  3. Definitely got potential to really step up
  4. Solid and would do a job but no where near the class of the players I mentioned
  5. We definitely have a top prop shortage. Some decent props about but when you compare to the ausy and kiwis. We definitely need another Sam b or peacock enforcer type
  6. The likes of le cam and frank maria should be trying to get moves to other sl clubs. Catalans are stacked at prop. I’d have one at Salford we need depth
  7. Ino swinton train at the Aj bell so let’s hope it can be a real asset for rugby in Manchester
  8. I’m actually the spokes person
  9. Didn’t really have a choice as it wasn’t deemed sl standard the issue has been how it was dealt with at the time
  10. Don’t worry pal we’re fine
  11. We good thanks, nothing for you to worry about
  12. As a Salford tax payer I’m fine with it pal
  13. That was on the bases of them moving out which isn’t happening now. Salford best future is at the Aj bell weather you like it or not. The big push is for them to attract new fans the catchment area is massive
  14. Not sure what makes you think they’d get any money from more lane either, that deal relied on Salford football moving out which there not doing
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