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  1. Just found this thread while searching for info about defunct Cumbrian amateur clubs (as you do), so thought I post something to get the thread bumped up and going again. I remember playing against Peckham at junior level in 1981 for Blackpool Stanley as a curtain raiser to Blackpool Borough v Fulham in Fulham's first season, at Borough Park. The abiding memory was how they physically destroyed us, they were absolutely huge for an age grade side. We'd never come up against anyone like them (bearing in mind Stanley were only formed 2 years earlier) and yet we had a few lads who went on to play semi pro with Blackpool (or A team rugby), such as Andy Wheelwright and Steve Moore but they absolutely dwarfed us! Good to see Stanley going again at open age level and now with their own ground and clubhouse in Blackpool at Kingscote Park, Layton. Happy days indeed.
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