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  1. 18 hours ago, glemiln said:

    Brilliant 18-12 result for Hornets which augurs well for the coming season.  Attendance?  Hope it reflected the efforts being made by our new club and trust the 1989 players enjoyed their deserved limelight.

    803 - higest law cup attendence since 2013

  2. 6 hours ago, Sainthamish said:

    Personally, I don't understand why the Hornets are doing this and see it as the route to success.  If you look at saints for example with their superleague success, grade 1 academy and large number of juniors playing the game in the town they still only have 2 to 3 St Helens lads in their starting 17.  My opinion is that Hornets should just look to build the strongest squad they can on their budget irrespective of where the players come from and try to generate some success on the field. The better the team become the more it generates interest in playing the game so should have a knock on effect in the amateur league.  Eventually, Hornets should start to get quality Rochdale lads coming into the team every year instead of losing them to other more successful clubs.

    Because for years now, peple have been calling for a team made up of 'local lads' and now Mat Caland is putting toggether a team of local lads, poeple are moaning about using local lads from a local team - when it's been the same peple shouting off about gettng local lads in the team. But peple hear are never happy - always summat to moan on about. these are the same peple who were always shouting for caland as coach but now hes building a local team with local lads he's the villan of the peace taking local lads playing localy.

    this forum talks some propper 5h!t3 

  3. On 05/12/2019 at 13:20, WorrieDaleFan said:

    Their is no need to be rude. Sometimes it is good to talk as at our age it isn't always easy to get out. If my open nature offends you then I'm genuinely sorry. 



    Try Anusol Plus, Harold - it stopped my bumhole bledeing in about 36 hours: magic stuff. Good look with the piles - there a nitemare!

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